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Taming that frizz- The perfect serum for dry hair and extensions



Yes, that is me with dry, dyed and sad looking hair. Give me a break ladies we have all been in that space where our hair seems to be totally uncontrollable. If you have naturally dry, curly hair like me then frizz is far more frequently than we like to admit. Straighten or natural dehydration and chemicals in products (namely dye, SLS and alcohol) are the big cause of our frizz catastrophe. Obviously avoiding these things will help a bit but once the damage is done we want something to turn the drab the fab. So keep reading to learn how to make your own vegan hair serum that is great for both your hair and your hair extensions.


The tools for you serum





The key to creating a brilliant vegan serum for your hair is choosing they right oils. Of course, we don’t want our hair to be oily but we need to replenish what your hair has lost. Getting oils that are pure and are full of protein and fatty oils are what will make your hair shine with health. The best oils to do the job are camellia oil, castor oil and avocado oil. These are brilliant and a little will go a long way. If you are like me and a little vain about looking and smelling great you will need your favourite essential oil to make your hair smell awesome. My favourite is lavender.



The method for DIY made perfection




The first thing you need to make your own serum for your serum is a dark bottle. Too much sunlight can taint your oils (even in shop bought serums) so getting something to help avoid that is just common sense. If you are not scientific it is all good, I’m not either. I have managed to figure out the measurements of all of your oils so you get the right combination you will need: a ¾ ounce of avocado oil, 5 ounces of camellia oil, ¾ ounce of castor oil. If you are using an essential oil for scent, you will need about 30 drops to make the impact you want. My hair is quite thick so I don’t add much water but if you have naturally straight or thinner hair, add at least a couple of ounces of water to your bottle and shake it like a Polaroid picture.







This is so simple but it ensures that your hair does not end up greasy looking. If you have wavy and curly hair and do not wish to straighten your lock then apply a one pound size amount of serum to your hair when it is damp. Remember serum is not meant to go on your roots so apply it to the lower half of your hair, where you natural head oils will have dried out. If you are a fan of styling with heat then apply an almond sized amount to your hair after styling to leave it shiny and smooth. Hair Extensions that have been used more than a few times will look amazing after this as well, just remember to comb your serum evenly all the way through your extensions. For nasty fly always on top get a spare toothbrush and put a tiny amount of serum on that and go over your hair. No fly aways welcome for your fabulous style


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