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Styles perfect for wearing a hat

We are officially in spring which means more and more of us are starting to plan our summer trips away. This year I am heading to Italy and like many of our holiday destinations, it is going to be hot and sunny. I don’t like my face looking like a red lobster so a hat is necessary. Rock great hair with a hat can be tricky at times so today I want to share with you my favourite looks that look amazing with hats and once you take the hat off. Keep reading these tutorials for holiday inspiration and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.


Style number 1: The shoelace bun

This style looks incredible, keeps your hair out of your face and of is perfect for wearing a hat with. Brush your hair and divide your hair into pigtails. Add your Cliphair extensions to each of your sections to help to thicken them and make them look great. Tie one of your pigtails away for now. Now, divide the pigtail you have loose and divide it in half. You are going to wind these halves around each other and tie them like you would tie your shoelaces. Make sure you add a bobby pin over your knot to keep it in place.

Keep creating these knots until you reach the end of your hair and secure with a clear hair tie near the bottom. Do the same on the other side until the braids are really tight and bunched up so it looks like a bun. Make sure you pin the end to your head and you are good to go.


Style number 2: Fishtail pigtails

This is a great picture ready look and the great news is it starts pretty similarly to the first look so if you are looking for something that is easy to switch from your morning hat perfect look, this is it. Like your shoelace but you need to start by brushing your hair thoroughly and dividing it into pigtails that are equal in size. Add your hair extensions here so you don’t have to worry about clips sticking out from under your hat. Wrap a few strands around them to hide the seem.

Now divide your pigtail into two equal sections. Take a small part from the right side and place it inside the left side and vice versa. Repeat this all the way down until you get near the ends. You can either use a clear hair tie to secure or simple tease your ends. Tug each section to pancake your braid before you move onto the other pigtail.


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