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Stunning braided bun


I love buns. They are so perfect for any occasion, from casual messy buns to elaborate, beautiful buns perfect for even the fanciest events. I stumbled across this style on Pinterest and is quickly becoming one of my favourites. It can be worn at any event you have to dress up or as the focal point of something more casual. To get this perfect look keep reading this step by step tutorial. Don’t forget to #WearCliphair and share your stunning final look.



This look is great for medium or long hair. If your hair died locks I would recommend using a hair treatment the night before as you are going to be using heat as well as teasing your locks. Make sure your hair is thoroughly brushed and add some heat protecting serum to your locks. Divide your hair in half and add extensions to the lower half. This will ensure that your bun is full. Once this is done curl your locks in small sections so that there are many medium curls rather than a few large curls. Create a shallow centre part and create slightly larger curls around your hairline and ears. Pin these sections out of the way for the next part.



Section and braid

The front sections and hair around your ears can stay separated for now gather all the hair at the top of your crown. Bar the top row, tease the roots of this section and tie it in a ponytail, out of the way. Add a few two clip extensions at the back of this section. Divide the extension piece on the right into three and start to form a basic three-strand braid. Add strands from the other piece and start to work your way around the front of your hair using a few of the strands from the front section you left out of the way. Pin the ends around the back of your head.


The Bun

Now that you have created your braid, it is time create your bun. Gather the hair that remains into a side ponytail and secures it. You are going to use your trusty doughnut to create the shape here. Put your ponytail through it and pin the doughnut to your head at the base of the ponytail. Divide your ponytail into three and create a simple three-strand braid. Tug the braid so it is full the drape it so that it covers the doughnut neatly (you may need to wind it a few times).


The Top

The final section of hair to work on is the section still currently out of the way on top of your head. Untie is and smooth over the top layer and create your final three strands braid. Secure the end and pin it to the underside of your bun. If there are any ends poking out make sure that they are curled. Now all that is needed is to spray and pin any runaway curls.


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