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Steal their style: The Met Gala 2017


Lounging on the red carpet seemed to be the biggest trend during this year’s Met Gala celebrations. From P Diddy to Kendall and gang it seemed like everyone was ‘taking a rest’ in sexy positions to get some snaps taken. With bags being place to preserve dignity, choosing your styling accessories wisely was key. There were a few fashion faux pas but overall everyone was extremely fashionable and didn’t have a hair unintentionally out of place. Let’s have a look at some of our favourite A-listers and see who was rocking it yesterday in Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.






Kendall Jenner

Kendall is certainly rocking the Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo inspired theme for the evening as she has opted for a beachy shimmery but simple look. Not wanting to detract from her open back stunning sheer black dress she has gone with a simple sleek, deep parted do. If anyone  look glamorous it is this lady! She has definitely been eating her Kale to make her hair so shiny and healthy.



cliphair-extensions-met-gala-2017-Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

Why mess with perfection? Gisele has become famous for her long wavy golden locks. Is it any wonder that that is what she has sported to the Met Gala this year? With a clutch and hubby as the perfect accessories Giselle is rocking her deep parted style. Don’t be fooled her effortless waves may look totally natural but with how straight her parting is, there is no way this look has not had some serious TLC by her stylists before she hit the red carpet yesterday. If you are lucky enough to have stunning golden locks and yellow skin undertones like Giselle a deep coloured dress and bright beautiful earrings are always a winner. If the dress is velvet, even better!


Gigi Hadid

Woah! Gigi has gone from red classic 2 years ago to peachy and cheeky this year. Always wanting to make an entrance. Gigi was not afraid to stun onlookers with her mix of old school classic and modern cuts. Her hair is equally a mix of eras the beautiful updo is the classic element but is mixed up with some casual more modern elements with the large loose fringe and messy finish to the bun. There were definitlely a few extensions used in this look on the dress and to add volume to that do. This goes to prove two things. One Gigi can rock anything and two life is too short to be boring, if it makes you feel good go for it!!


Selena Gomez

Long pale pink gown, choker and bright eyes Selena is all about drawing the focus to her face and who could blame her. If we all had lip perfection and a makeup posse on tap I am sure we would all do the same. By having more neutral colours for your outfit and bolder shades on your face this naturally draws your attention upwards. Her hair looks amazing with definite 90’s inspiration this slanted centre parted bob is the cherry on the top the frames her face.

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