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Steal their style Pride’s idols

The rainbow flags are flying high in the skies this week as we celebrate London Pride and LGBTQ rights. More than the amazing theatre, festival and events this week is a brilliant way of all of us reflecting of what it means to accept and embrace each other’s individuality and of course love! Thank goodness that the days of being ‘tolerated’ or worse have come to an end love and acceptance are the only words welcome this week.  With so much love in the air, and parties around the city, it is right that we share a bit of love with our LGBTQ idols and check out their style.




Ellen Degeneres

The comic household name Ellen has become my favourite (and I know I’m not alone) talk show host. It isn’t just her funny dances that keep us watching this witty and generous lady is so laid back you feel like anyone could be her friend. Kay Perry and Cara Delevingne have been rocking short, ice blonde locks but they are most certainly not the first. Ellen has been been rocking her peroxide blonde pixie cut for years. If you have a great proportioned face or a big personality go for this style, get yourself some extensions to be on the safe side.


cliphair-extensions-pride-idol-Cathy DeBuono



Cathy DeBuono

If you do not know Cathy, she is someone you should definitely check her out! Known for her movies such as And Then Came Lola and is currently filming Snapshots in the role of Marybeth. Not afraid to be proud of who she is, Cathy has been out for years and we love her easy and casual style. She has been queen of the mid length cut for years with lightly highlighted layers and a deep part she is way ahead of the trend when she rocked this look.


cliphair-extensions-pride-idol-Portia De Rossi


 Jillian Michaels

The no nonsense personal trainer and reality tv star has become a fitness household name. We love to hate her merciless attitude to our at home workout routines but we all loved to catch the pics of her and wife’s wedding. Jillian is said to be a great advocate of female rights and definitely proves you can have a great career and lovely family. Enough about her talent though let’s check out her hair. She is rocking her shaggy golden bob. If you want to bring out your tan, copy this look.


cliphair-extensions-pride-idol-jillian michaels



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