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Steal their style from the Cannes Film Festival opening.

It is official the biggest arts festival of the summer has started! Like all things creative we would be disappointed if it didn’t kick off with an incredible entrance and a touch of intrigue. Bella Hadid may have had a slight wardrobe malfunction but that seemed to be the only hiccup for what an otherwise perfect opening to the Cannes Film Festival. Let’s have a look at all the glitz and glamour of this evening and see if we can predict some successful films that will emerge in this year’s festival.


Bella Hadid

Well we did try to warn you about her dress but despite her wardrobe malfunction Bella looks as stunning as ever. She is proving this year that she looks amazing with any hair colour. We once thought that only a lovely honey blonde would suit her but now we know that she makes a stunning brunette as well. She has certainly transformed her locks. She looks utterly amazing here with a side part messy bob. Ever the trend setter the messy bob is by far the most popular style of the year, it is not surprising that she is sporting it at this year’s Cannes Festival.


Jessica Chastain

 Jessica is always the pinical of old hollywood glamour we can see that she has some oriental and 90’s strapless inspiration. A black based dress with coloured highlights are the best best tones to compliment such vibrant red hair. If you have pale skin with blue eyes and you feel like a hair colour change then try red. Jessica’s loose tailored waves scream old hollywood style. This look is something she has perfected. To perfect it yourself volume is key so if you haven’t got extra locks yourself it is super easy to colour match our tone (natural and dyed) so cheat and pop in those hair extensions.


Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is no longer a child star and she is proving that with her appearance at the Cannes opening. In a dress that is every bit the disney gown and not just because it is white and flowing. A clock, the north start and a white stallion are lovely symbols of some of our most loved disney films. With cinderella like light blonde locks Elle looks amazing with her hair up in a ballet bun. This may not be a ball but this princess looks amazing for some partying.


Hailey Baldwin

Hailey is rocking a straight cut and a straight face in this photo. She may not seem overly impressed with being on the Cannes red carpet but she looks amazing with her brightly dyed hair and shoulder sweeping do. This is perfect for those who are not so keen on the messy bob or the deep part. Still doing with the shorter hair trend with is the signature of 2017 this style is perfect for lovely ladies with symmetrical faces.  Always a flair for dramatics this style is perfectly matched with some amazing earrings too.

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