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Steal that style the DIY golden leaf comb

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

If you are going to a grecian party or just want to make a statement these Golden leaf combs are incredible! I fell in love with these hair combs after seeing some similar combed at a vintage market over the weekend and knew I could save you guys a bit of money. This accessory is amazing for dolling up your extensions and testing out your DIY skills.combs were a big thing in the 80’s but plastic fantastic is no longer what we style our selves with and metal hair accessories are the way to go. No matter if you what hair style you are in the mood for this is great as a crown, alongside a bun or French twist, or Faux Hawk. I love how versatile it is and can be worn in so many different styles. Keep reading this how to and find out how to create these amazing combs.









The materials you’ll need

Good materials are like having the right ingredients, if you get the wrong thing to begin with you, don’t expect to have a nice finished product. Before you decide between a plastic or metal comb have a look at the typeof hair you have. Metal looks better and is more durable but the plastic combs stay in my hair much better than the metal ones so if you have curly or thick hair opt for them. If you have been following our previous DIY hair accessory blogs you will know that an incredible glue is E6000 GLUE to attack your gold leaves, ribbon and beads. You will also need a needle and clear thread. You can find all kinds of gold leaves out there but if this is your first DIY try going for polyester, faux leather or satin for durability.








Thread your base

Thread your needle with a knot at the end.  If threading is too hard you can use glue for this instead. Loop your golden ribbon through the comb teeth and sew your thread over the ribbon,  knot it at the ends securing it into place. You can use one or two rows of ribbon for this but if you want it to be extra sturdy use two rows facing in different directions.








Grab your gold

The next step depends on the kind of gold leaves you chose. Once your ribbing is secure it allows for a good base to stitch your gold leaves to. This is quite delicate work so don’t be discouraged if you have a couple of false starts initially. Make sure you have covered your ribbon entirely, overlapping so each leaf is holding the other in place, just make sue it doesn’t go too far over the edge of the comb or it is likely to break in your hair.




Accessories for your accessory

If you want to keep your comb simple make sure your leaves are secure with thread and glue. If, however, you want to add a little flavour to your style sequins, black and silver beads are easy to be interwoven and looks amazing!!!! a few dots of glue will secure them easily and turns a simple comb into something worthy or a crown.

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