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Steal that style: style like a princess

With school on summer break it feels like the whole city is overtaken by children and their infectious laughter. There are some amazing adult entertainments happening this month but I am hearing so much disney wafting from ever household you walk past. I personally have thought “why fight it?” instead of getting a bit annoyed I have decided to help you all create your own disney princess inspired looks. We have all grown up loving these amazing characters so it is time for us to become our own idols. Let’s look up the best and show you how to rock it.





By far the most popular princess Elsa has created a massive impact on the disney franchise but also on our styling (we haven’t even realised it). Think about it when did the massive return of braids happen? About the time frozen came out. Elsa’s magnificent ice blonde locks are the icing on top of her sassy attitude. The things that make this look so eye catching are its length (chest long at least) and the body at the top. Many people who have created this look themselves created a mini half up style first and attached a ponytail extension to the top half. This makes it easier to manipulate the front of you do to give it more height and it can easily be hidden when you french braid at the back.





This blonde beauty has been around for years ad continues to catch the hearts of thousands of girls. We can definitely admire her perfect eyebrows and accesorised hair do. No brassy blonde here. If you want to emulate this fine princess make sure you use enough toner when you are dying your locks. We can all take a page out of her styling book with a classic chignon heightened with a classy bit of bling for the up market night out. It is perfect if you want to be queen of the ball, or even the swanky dinner party.


cliphair-extensions-snow white


Snow white

 A stunning raven manicured bob is absolutely timeless and we have the proof, she is still a disney fashion idol today. One of the oldest disney stories is still one of the most popular and the bob is still making a style splash too. If you are lucky enough to have bright eyes and dark hair like Snow White this style is definitely one that will show off your baby blues. Makes sure you have time to sculpt your bob, this style demands princess perfection.





We may not all have a tiny waist to pull off a jasmine style 2 piece outfit but that doesn’t mean we can have jasmine’s head turning hairstyle. If you are a fan of showing funky hairstyles off on social media then this style is going to be up you ally. You will need waist length hair and dramatic hair ties and headband to really do this look like Jasmine. Don’t forget to make sure sections even for the photo perfect look.

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