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Steal Her Style – Taylor Swift

The crazy world of Taylor Swift – it would be the perfect name for a sitcom, or a brand new drama. It is also a good way to describe the life of a singer who has gone from squeaky clean country star, to man hunting vixen, to true style icon. It doesn’t matter what is thrown at the girl, she confronts it head on and knocks it right back out of the park. It is why so many people love her – she doesn’t let anybody, even Kanye West – knock her confidence or stop her from having the time of her life.

In celebration of the release of her new album 1989, which is out this week, the experts at ClipHair have put together a montage of her best of her many hairdos. This fashion maven has sported everything from full on screen siren curls to cut pixie bobs and choppier, looser punk rock styles. It does not matter how she fashions her ultra-famous locks, she always looks amazing. This is a guide to just a few of her most influential and beautiful hairstyles.

The Beach Babe
In 2006, a fresh faced Taylor rocked a super natural beach babe look at the CMT Music Awards. Whilst this hairstyle does precede her emergence as a true glamazon and fashion icon, it is one which still looks fresh and modern even today. It is a playful, feminine style – the half crimped curls and the over the eye side sweep fringe are sophisticated enough not to look childish, but fun enough not to look too serious either. This was the perfect ‘do for Taylor at the time, as she was still new on the music scene and trying to appeal to both older and younger fans. If you want to steal this look, pick up a curly full head clip in extension piece in a light ash blonde tone.

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The Bad Bob
As the country singer started to make waves in the charts, so too did her hair. The scissors came out and Taylor Swift debuted a bit of a bad bob, with satisfyingly chunky curls and that trademark side sweep fringe. It was a style which framed her dainty features perfectly, and it looked the bomb at an endless array of red carpet premieres and events. For the first time, people began to look at this bubbly, bright singing sensation as a burgeoning fashion icon. To grab this look for yourself, you will need shoulder length locks and a curling iron – make sure that the curls are bouncy and loose, rather than tight and corkscrew like.

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The Rock Star
It wasn’t long before the world saw Taylor Swift go from sweet and innocent, to a bit of a bad ass. She released a rash of deliciously incriminating breakup songs about ex-boyfriends John Mayer and Joe Jonas, to the delight of gossip hungry fans. This was Taylor the vixen, the vamp – a side of the singer that we had not seen before. To go with her new found punk rock attitude, she debuted a rockier, punkier hairdo. This style was similar to the bad bob, but looser and choppier. It had a jagged cut, a light finish to the edges and a longer length at the back and sides to fall over the shoulders. For a slightly longer version of this style, grab yourself a 14 inch Remy hair extension piece and set it in very loose rollers before you go to bed.

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The Long & Lush
Whilst we may be used to seeing Taylor Swift with much shorter hairstyles – she tends to wear her hair on or just above the shoulder line – she has been snapped wearing longer, more glamorous styles on occasion. For a time, the pop star sported a full on glamazon ‘do, complete with old school Hollywood bangs and gentle curls. The blunt cut bangs were smoothed out to frame the top of her face, and complement her features, and the long ash blonde locks were formed into super relaxed and feminine waves. For a similar style, invest in one of our longer (18-24 inch) clip in hair pieces, in a light blonde tone. If you are feeling bold, pick up a fringe piece and wok those bangs.

you can view this images here and here

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