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Steal her style: Tamara Ecclestone edition

British model, tv personality and socialite Tamara Ecclestone is never far from the glossy pages of a magazine. She has worked with formula 1 (no surprise considering who her dad is) and even Hugh Hefner. She loves oozing glamour and she has amazing hair, like so many of you. So she is the perfect person to use as inspiration so we can steal her style. #wearcliphair

A ponytail with a twist

This just goes to show that a well-done ponytail is a winner wherever you wear it, even on the red carpet. I mean, she definitely could not go wrong whatever she wore with the cutest puppy every as her plus 1. I am in love with this dip dye, centre-parted ponytail with lovely curls. It is the kind of style you can either dress up or down depending on your mood and outfit. Having duel tone hair really does help make it special but if your ponytail is limp and lifeless it will ruin the effect. Make sure you give your hair a good treatment and add some Cliphair extension pieces to add some volume to your locks.


Stylish and sleek

I love hairstyles that are not 100% curly or 1005 straight this is great because it has a slight bend and because it looks amazing with Tamara’s layers. The great news is that it isn’t all that hard to create. It is best to use a hairdryer and a barrel brush rather than a pair of straighteners to create this look and it will look much more natural.

The thing that could really spoil the look is flyaways. As we get into hotter weather, this becomes more problematic. Make sure you use a generous amount of hair serum from the middle of your hair to the ends to keep your hair looking flawless.


The messy bun

This is not a style you might want to wear every day but it is a style that is comfortable a great in a lot of situations. I chose this picture because it is my favourite style to go travelling in, trust me a messy bun is the best followed by double dutch braids.


Model perfect waves

It wouldn’t be a proper model look book without showing some catwalk ready waves. If you want really big waves then rollers and a hairdryer are your best bet. Pin them nice and tight as they cool and don’t be shy with the hairspray. When you let them out and run your fingers through the curls you will get these beautiful waves.


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