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Steal her style- Scarlett Johansson edition


Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to transforming her looks. She has had so many different hair colours and styles to play her variety of weird and wonderful characters. Summer is all about experimenting with different hair colours to me so I thought it would be perfect to show off the best of Scarlett Johansson so we can steal her style and rock our festivals and holidays.


Black Widow

This is the look that a lot of people know Scarlett for these days. This crimson bob is unmistakeably the look of Black Widow from the Avengers movies. This is an eye-catching colour and one of the most popular hairstyles of the last few years (coincidence, I don’t think so!). This may not be the exact shade of red you want to go for but red is an amazing colour and becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. Why not try it over the summer?


Victoria Secrets

She is totally rocking an angel’s hairstyle here. This is a look she rocked for years and looked great in. big, long voluminous waves. This look is great if you want a style that is versatile, feminine and sexy. I love how much body she has here, she could literally create any style with her hair like this. If you love a good beach babe style over the summer then this golden mane is a style you want to steal, make sure you add your Cliphair extensions to give you that extra body.


Big curls for big girls

This is an entirely different type of hairstyle altogether. Large, messy curls have become super popular over the last couple of year. Not everyone can pull them off but they are great if you have a day look you want to make a bit special. You don’t need to wear anything particularly glamorous when you have this look because it will automatically become the star of the show. These are super easy to create without heat as well. So if you are not a heated tool fan them you are going to love this look.


The queen of updos

This style is not a rush job but it looks great. The trick to making it look fantastic is to have tighter locks on the bottom than you do on the top. Lots of teasing at your roots will be needed for this look and don’t forget to have a few pins. The style looks best if the kind of the section of melt into each other rather than have a bun and a swept back crown section. The great thing is it is an amazing day to night look.


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