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Steal her style Rosamund Pike

This English rose has killed this year, and it has only just begun. As the awards season begins Rosamund has had a little nod to the acting world with a nomination for best actress in a motion. Although she may not have won the award she did look great at the Golden Globes. If you had to pick two words to describe her it would be elegant and funny. She is very fashionable and looks like she has stepped out of a magazine. If you want to find someone to give you hair inspiration, look no further. Today we are going to look at her hottest styles so we can steal them. #wearcliphair


Cool, calm and collected

Rosamund looks every bit the boss babe in this emerald green outfit. She has often gone for shorter locks but I love this fuller, longer look at her. It is simple and understated but if your hair is full and in good condition, you often don’t need to do too much. If your hair is not this thick, pop in your Cliphair extensions then lightly straighten and add a side part and you are done.


Edgy Bob

This is not a style most of us would wear every day but it looks fierce and is perfect for that red carpet look or a fancy night out. This really comes down to a perfect cut that is angled so the front is longer than the back. The look is about being sleek, add your hairspray and wax then create your side part. To finish the look off add some lovely earrings, this is the perfect look to finish it off.


Laid back waves

This style has been popular for the last couple of years and it is not going out of trend anytime soon. The perfect way to tell if your bob is the right length for this look. If it reaches your collar bone when it is wavy. No matter if you like to achieve this style heat free or with your curling iron, it will look its best with a little bit of texture spray to add a bit of the ‘undone’ look. The perfect way to turn this from a day to a night look is to switch up the parting. If you have had a centre part all day, create a side part. Where it has been laying flat all day, the different part will give you more volume and save you time teasing your roots.


Corporate chic

A lot of hairstyles that we go to work in are boring and don’t make you feel glamorous at all. If you have a fringe it can feel more like maintenance than a joy and a lot of people pin their fringes out of the way because they are unsure what to do with them. This is far from the case here with Rosamund. Lightly curling your hair and fringe gives it a vintage 50’s look then all you need is some volume at your roots and to sweep it up into a ponytail.


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