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Steal her style: Natasha Lyonne edition


Orange is the new black and Russian Doll what is these two things have in common other than that they are great shows? Natasha Lyonne. This talented lady is cool and comes across as a bit cheeky too. She is famous for her big curly locks so it seems like an obvious choice to choose her as hair inspiration this week. If you like Natasha’s work as much as I do and copy one of her styles don’t forget to #wearcliphair.


80’s inspired red curls

This gorgeous picture is from the series Russian Doll, in which Natasha stars. You could definitely tell she was proud of her fiery locks and I don’t blame her, they look stunning. These tight curls are very perm like and really make this colour pop. A fringe is a perfect way to bring this style into 2019. there are two things you will need for this style of big hair and a big attitude.                  Cliphair extensions can help you with one.

High life, awesome fringe

This is a very different look but I love it. There are a couple of things going on here. Deep roots are massively on trend at the moment and look super classy. It also makes growing your hair colour so much easier and if you want to opt for balayage later on. The second part of this style that I love is her fringe. It is eyebrow grazing with tapered sides that make it easy to style in so many different ways.

Big waves

This look is similar to the first look but much more relaxed. Tight curls are for an instant statement if you need a lovely style that will last all night however go for waves. Your waves don’t need to be small. Hairspray and a barrel brush can help you get big waves that still stand out but that last all night.


Bridget Bardot style

If you have a fringe and want a style that is both vintage and looks totally hot with a modern outfit, this is the style for you. I love this style, which has been dubbed the Bridget Bardot look. It has loads of character and it is the perfect style for adding volume. What is best is that is suits everyone’s face shape, which is great. If you want to try this style out and you don’t have a fringe, this is the perfect look too fake it. Clip in a Cliphair fringe extensions piece and use the body you will create at your crown to conceal it.


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