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Steal her Style: Madonna Edition

We all know the queen of pop’s music but that is not all she is famous for. Over the years she has become a style icon in her own right, an image that has helped her build her reported $850 million net worth. From outrageous stage costumes to everyday style Madonna never disappoints us and always comes dressed to interested. Her hairstyles have been copied by thousands of women world wide over decades so she is the perfect choice for this weeks steal her style edition. Pop on some of her tunes whilst you learn how to get some of her looks. #wearcliphair

Double french braids

It is true, Madonna has a few hairstylists, but that doesn’t mean she always goes for the most complicated styles. Double french braids have been rocked by most of us over the last couple of years.Why? They are both functional and look good. Madonna has done something a little different here, she started on top. Most of us start at our hairline or the nape of our neck, not Madonna. She has started her incredibly thick braids (no doubt with the help of extensions) at her centre part. Another trend she is incorporating her is dark roots. I have to say I am a bit sceptical about this trend as I think I doesn’t always work but I think it looks really cool here. This definitely one to try if you want to reinvent you double french braids.


Adding a touch of glamour

We know that Madonna is no stranger to theatrics. She adores glamour and has been know to embody Marilyn Monroe on many occasions. This look is no different. She looks like a 40’s inspired heroine in this shot. This side part hairstyle is slick and sophisticated and ,paired with a killer set of trousers and heels, could easily steal the show (excuse the pun). Add your Cliphair extension near the nape of your neck to make sure your braids are thick and long enough. This style is surprisingly easy and lasts from day to night.





The pin curl bob

Historic references with a modern twist, very Madonna. We are all over the bob/lob this year. For most of us, it is either straight or has loose beach waves. Madonna has much more destinct curl patterns that comes from pin curling her hair. This is a little nod to the 20’s and looks great. I am loving it with the warm bleach blonde colour she is rocking these days as well. This is great if you want a vintage vibe or just a new way to style your lob.


Katie O’Connor

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