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Steal her style Lucie Jones

Another May and we know what that means Eurovision! This is the time of year we can embrace the cheese, glitter and crazy outfits that makes up the Eurovision events. This year the UK made and epically brilliant entry with You Decide by Lucie Jones. This wasn’t our most glitzy or cheesy entry but the sheer talent of Lucie was outstanding and she brought the house down with the West End worth performance. She sported look which had a definite 90’s velvet feel. There was no crazy jumpsuits in sight from the UK team but we definitely brought the class this year. Let’s check out Lucie Jones’ style.




Free hair

We know that this hot look is amazing but we are going to focus on getting it this hot without the heat. It takes a little more preparation but your hair will thank you for it! We love our hair looking sleek and lovely but not just for a night forever! To prepare for this no heat look we need to make sure that your hair is well brushed and if your hair is not as long as Lucie’s put in your extensions.





Making your sock bun

Now that the prep is sorted we can move on to creating our tools. No need to get new socks for this style. An old pair of socks is great. We love using recycled fashion. Save your pennies and the earth. So grab your scissors and snip off a couple of inches closes to the toe section. Don’t forget to roll your finished product into two doughnuts.





Centre Parting

After making your sock bun, it’s time to get this style rocking. Every good diva knows how to rock the centre parting with grace and bit of sass. Grab your fishtail comb and divide front of your hair in two. Once that’s taking care of, brush each section and secure your two halves into high pigtails.




Creating your Curls

Spritz your hair lightly with water to help your curl along, then place your sock doughnuts at the end of each pigtail. The next bit is a bit like creating a honey bun. You need to fold a few strands of hair around your doughnut and tuck it underneath. This will keep your hair secure as you roll your doughnut down towards your head. Now go to bed as you need to litrally need beauty sleep, as in this baby needs to set whilst you are asleep.





The morning after the night before

To take your donuts out roll it outwards then take out your pigtails. Now your hair is free it is time to release your curls. Lightly run your fingers through your hair to bring the waves out. These natural loose waves look just like Lucie’s! To keep these waves in shape add hair mousse (scrunching it in is the best technique) we want this look to stay all night after all. If you feel like your hair is lacking in the gloss department lightly add serum and add extra hairspray.

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