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Steal Her Style – Kylie Jenner

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The Kardashians are like American royalty. In fact, in many ways, they’re the closest thing that the US has to a royal family. They’re all insanely wealthy, but few people understand what it is they do. We scruntinise their lifestyle choices with a fiercely uncompromising eye, judging everything from their choice of handbag to their spouses with the same level of detail.

We seem to both love and be curiously appalled by them. We constantly criticise their actions, but we just cannot stop watching – the honest truth is that the Kardashians are incredibly entertaining and the ClipHair Team love them! They know it too, so there is a definitely a sense that they are ‘in on the joke.’ The question is, how is the youngest member of the flock dealing with the intense media scrutiny?

Well, Kylie Jenner has been hitting the headlines lately and not for a new hairstyle this time – her relationship with rapper Tyga has been called inappropriate, because she had not yet turned 18. Yet, even in the midst of scandal, Kylie always manages to look sleek, chic, elegant, and on top of the fashion game. We’re going to take a little look at some of her best hairstyles.

img1 img2

images via www.pinterest.com

The Plucky Teen

It often seems like there hasn’t been a day in the life of Kylie Jenner which hasn’t been documented in the tabloids. In fact, even at the tender age of 13, this ‘starlet to be’ was being judged on her choice of red carpet outfits and hairstyles. As if making your way through puberty isn’t hard enough, Kylie had to look flawless every day. She pulled it off though and this poker straight look proves it. It’s simple, sophisticated, and shows that she understands how to wear extension pieces correctly as well.

img3 img4

images via www.pinterest.com

The Rock & Roll Socialite

There have definitely been a few missteps along the way, and the scandals are in no way finished (trust us, we have a feeling about this), but not enough is said about the way in which Kylie Jenner (who only just turned 18 this week) personally handles so many people commenting on her looks, clothes, relationships, and hairstyles. We think that she deserves a lot of respect for carving out her own path and for showing us how amazing great hair extensions can look. If you want to steal this voluminous ‘lob’ look, pick up one of the shorter clip in extension in black or chestnut.

img6 img7

images via www.pinterest.com

The Mint Mermaid Bob

We couldn’t talk about Kylie Jenner without mentioning the style which sent the fashion and beauty world wild. As soon as the littlest Kardashian posted pics of this mint green mermaid like bob, her fans fell in love and started copying it in every way that they could. If you want to experiment with a dip dyed look, you can either pick up a dip dye hair extension or a full head hair extension with a base which has already been coloured. You’ll not only look fantastic every time you leave the house, you’ll not have to put any of the extra effort in – dye jobs are messy and fussy!

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