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Steal her style: Khloe Kardashian edition


As one of the most-followed people on Instagram, it is clear Khloe Kardashian has made a name for herself. So many of us love her because she feels like the most relatable Kardashian. She has had her ups and downs just like everyone else and she is now a total boss babe that has worked really hard on her physic and business to make it a success. She is never afraid of a bit of colour and has incredible hair! I love her long locks and how much she changes up her looks so I thought today would be perfect to show off some of my favs. She has definitely inspired some of my styles and I hope she will inspire you too. As always if you do copy her looks please #wearcliphair so I can see.

Work it during your workout

Workout/ gym pics is something we have come to expect and love about Khloe. She always has super cute outfits on and this is no exception. The mixture of pink, blue and black astrological workout crop and leggings look fab if you have the Khloe bod to show it off. What she has done with her hairstyle is one of my favourite classic gym styles. The double dutch braid look is great because it keeps your hair out of the way and stops it from getting frizzy. If you have longer locks you can just pin the end of the braids to the back of your head, problem solved.

Slick back and sexy

Ok so from what I can gather Khloe is not actually going swimming here. She looks too amazing and her eyelashes are too perfect for that. Her skin and makeup look flawless here, so does her hair. She has gone for a really simple bun but made it feel more luxurious by combing through some gel at the base of her head giving her the classic wet look. And easy way to make your look feel expensive.

The ultra side sweep

I am getting some serious Baywatch vibes here. The blonde look is something Khloe has really gone for this year and this side-swept look really shows off her colour. It looks retro but very on-trend right now. The key to this look is the height at the roots. Add a new Cliphair weft in front of your crown to help with the volume and make sure you have a mixture of gel and dry shampoo to hand. It may take a bit of teasing but this look will last all night and will certainly make an impact.


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