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Steal her style Kelly Macdonald


Kelly Macdonald is a great Scottish actress which is donning our screens yet again this month in Holmes and Watson. If you thought Mr Holmes is only dark and serious, think again. This is looking at the funny side of Victorian detective work and Kelly is the famous Mrs Hudson. Today we are going to look at some of Kelly’s best looks in films and on the red carpet. She has been in edgy and classic films so there is something for everyone. Without any more introduction let’s have a look at Kelly’s looks so we can steal her style/ #wearcliphair.


Red carpet worthy style

Kelly is looking every bit the star in this look. Bright red lipstick and a cream dress is always a winner. I love her earrings and clearly, she does too. Her hair is actually pulled back to show them off. What she has done, really smartly, is to lightly curl her locks to give her volume some it will look lovely and full even if you pull some sections back behind her ears. I also love that the golden hues in her hair are reflected in her earrings.


Casual vintage

This has all the feeling of Titanic grandeur but without as much of the fuss. Uplifted full locks with a slight curl. Add your hair extensions around your crown area to give you as much body as possible. Once her hair is lightly curled and cooled spray it with hairspray and comb it to break up the curls. I love that this looks like it is just gathered and twisted gently before it clipped. This makes the style much softer and more casual.


On-trend look

This style is very on trend at the moment and I really like it. A very 90’s inspired look with lots of loose strands of hair to frame her face Kelly looks great. Around the back the hair has been twisted and tied out of the way. This is so simple to do but it makes the style a little bit more interesting. It is very easy and can be created with a simple hair tie. Even if you are running late this style is great and can be created on the move, perfect for rushing to Christmas celebrations.


Everyday waves

A bob and waves are always a winner in my books. With an edgy jacket or a sophisticated dress (or in this case both), it goes with everything. This style is easy to create with or without heat and looks good most of the time, as long as your hair is looked after. Frizz is your worst nightmare with this look as it will not be easy to hide. If you are thinking of chopping off your locks and going for this amazing style, make sure you have a tight hair care routine with hair serum, treatments and a really good hairspray to keep those lovely waves in place when you go out in the windy weather.


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