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Steal her style Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon is one of my all-time comedic idols. I love her wacky sense of humour so much. She is so out there with her comedy she makes everyone around her crack up and doesn’t seem to care who is watching. She was recently in the film with Mila Kunis called “The Spy who dumped me”. This is an incredibly funny and actioned packed film so if you are into comedy, definitely watch it. She is super funny and even when she is pulling silly faces, she owns it. Let’s check out her style so we can steal it #wearcliphair



We rarely see Kate McKinnon with straight locks. Her wavy hair suite her carefree attitude to at, don’t be fooled though these waves are not natural. She is looking fab with her blue eyeshadow but what raises the bar of this look. Lots of hair (both yours and extensions), a deep parting and large loose curls that you won’t run your fingers through is what makes this style great. If you are a wild child like Kate or more laid back this is a killer look.


The casual updo

I love this undone updo. The core of Kate’s personality is being carefree, no doubt. Even a sophisticated updo like this has a little bit of quirky coolness. Once again she is opting for something that us sophisticated and turning it into the low key version. Go for a side part, secure your hair with a clip and pull some strands loose and you will get this look in no time.


Kiss me Kate (musical pun and she looks like she is having a really good time)

This is a photo from the film “The Spy that dumped me” that I mentioned earlier. I was not kidding when I said she likes to pull faces. This style this great and is both rock and roll and vintage. I love the attention seeking vibe that Kate has created with hair wax near her hairline. It isn’t all show ready slick hair. This hair gets softer with the big curls. These need thick locks, heat protecting serum and lots of hairsprays. I love this style and you can rock it with both a dress and a sparkly, sparkly suit.


The everyday look

This one is super easy and is all about showing off your lovely smooth and straight locks. Don’t worry if it is not 100% straight. I love this style with a little bit of dry shampoo and your roots teased just a bit. This will allow you to get more height and feel a little bit fancy, even in some casual double denim outfit looking super chilled in a care like a model.

These may not be the not intricate styles out there but sometimes styles don’t need to have a 1000 different elements to make them look great. As long as they suit your outfit and your style you will shin in them.

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