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Steal Her Style – Jessie J

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The wonderful Jessie J is many things – bold, beautiful and creative, as well as a fine role model. Whilst she may not have taken on the mantle for herself, we think that she a great ambassador for funky, fashionable girls everywhere – girls who prefer to rock their own look, instead of following the crowd. We love her signature style here at ClipHair, and we still can’t help but sing along every time ‘Price Tag’ is on.  The gorgeous star is always dressed in something fabulous, but it has always been her hair that really grabs the attention. She first bounced onto the music scene sporting a sleek and sophisticated black bob, which was instantly copied by thousands of fashion fans all around the country. And, who could forget the moment she shaved her head, in aid of Comic Relief? For the next six months, Jessie J stepped out with a full buzz-cut and she still looked amazing. This week will see the release of her brand new album Sweet Talker, so we thought that we’d take a look at this surprisingly approachable, ever friendly glamazon. The days when fashion icons had to be fierce and ferocious, with mouths akin to sucking lemons, are long gone. It is time to usher in the age of a new star, down to earth beauties who you just know would be great to take a shopping trip with.

This is a guide to the best and most beautiful hairstyles rocked by this pop icon.

The Classic Bob

The Jessie J who first emerged onto the pop scene, as a fresh faced and intriguing young star, sported a sleek, black bob. For a long time, it was a her signature style, and the ‘Do It Like A Dude Star’ rocked this ‘do with a grace and fire that few other artists ever could. This is a hairstyle that will only really work for girls with very strong features and angular jaw lines, like Jessie. It works to soften the bones in the face, but also complement features, rather than work against them. This is why it is such a popular look with strong jawed celebrities like Keira Knightley.



The Mermaid Wave

In 2011, the ‘Domino’ singer was awarded the Glamour Woman of Tomorrow accolade. It was the first time that she was pictured with a much softer look, long and gentle mermaid-esque curls, which tumbled over her shoulders and perfectly framed her dark features. There was a hint of red too, in the form of a carefully chosen highlight extension piece. If you want to replicate this look, pick up a cherry red clip in extension piece, from ClipHair, and leave your locks in a loose bun overnight. In the morning, you should be left with soft, romantic curls – and a cheeky hint of colour.





Ice Blue Bangs

It wasn’t long before the queen of pop was back to her old ways. At the Capital FM Summertime Ball, Jessie J took to the stage with a much longer version of her classic bob – with shockingly stylish dip dyed sky blue highlights at the end. The blunt bangs were more flawless than ever, sitting in an immaculate perpendicular cut, just above her eyes. This do’ made us wish we knew who her stylist was, because she looked fiercer than Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christine Aguilera and Beyoncé combined. If you want to steal this look, you have to get out the straightening irons and really go to town on those locks.


The Bad Bob

The bad bob is currently all the rage right now, but Queen J was on it years ago. For a while, she was spotted sporting a beautifully coiffured, but artfully messy bob. She kept her trademark length and style, but punked up the look with some epic curls. The leopard print dress that she teamed with this do’, at an awards ceremony, made it the ideal look. This kind of bob has less of a romantic, dreamy cut and more of a rock chick sort of vibe. Yet, if there are a few gentle waves at the front, it never feels too edgy or harsh.

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