Steal her style Jessica Alba Edition


Jessica Alba is a household name in the world of film and tv. Her big lips and killer dance moves she is definitely someone we all recognise. The last few years she has gotten more into beauty and has become a style icon and her latest series, LA’s finest, is said to be pretty good so she is on the rise. I wanted to share her latest looks. They are floaty and elegant so perfect for the season. Keep reading so you can steal her style. #wearcliphair

Half-up Bardot style

This is a look that will never go out of style. It has so many different elements: balayage, length, face-framing strands and body. You can do this look with mid-length and long hair but the key to this is a body at your crown. This makes your hairstyle really special. You will need a couple of wefts to help create that boost so you don’t have to use as much product and tease. From there smooth things back and pin in place to finish this look.

The ultra big ponytail

This look has been known as the Ariana Grande and looks incredible. The ultra-high look might give you a ‘Croydon facelift’ but it stays in all day and looks great. It is an extremely flowy look so it makes sense that Jessica Alba is rocking it with this loose chiffon suit. If your hair is not quite this long, fake it. You can actually create two ponytails, one underneath the other. This will give you the length. You can add some extensions around each of the ponytails to get some show-stopping volume. It also looks great with a maxi dress. This would be great to wear to the beach on your holiday.


Embrace accessories

Accessories are not something that you have to wear every day, if fact if you do, it can look a bit caught. This is not one of those accessories! It is simple but it has a knot on the top which makes it special. I love that it is paired with a white top. This helps make it the star of the show. If you are planning on copying this look, you should definitely make it the star of the show. It will grab attention anyways so make sure you plan your outfit so it is the star.


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