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Steal Her Style – Emily Ratajkowski

Steal Her Style – Emily Ratajkowski

For a while, there was nobody in the world hotter than Emily Ratajkowski. In the wake of the Blurred Lines music video, the name of this girl was on all of our lips. We were all asking, who is she? Why is her smile so irresistible? And how on earth did she get a rocking body like that?

If you haven’t yet seen Emily in the video for the Robin Thicke track, check it out as soon as possible, because it catapulted this young star into the spotlight. Whilst Thicke himself may have faded into obscurity pretty quickly, Ratajkowski followed up her star turn as a pop babe with an intriguing role in blockbuster thriller Gone Girl in 2014.

There is a lot yet to come from this model and actress, because she is right at the beginning of her career and we cannot wait to see what’s next. She always looks flawlessly beautiful, lights up every room that she walks into, and her hair is never anything less than perfect. To celebrate her recent role in Entourage: The Movie, the ClipHair Team are ready to take a look at her best hairstyles.

The Pop Star Showstopper

We first saw Emily Ratajkowski in the Blurred Lines video and she was keen to show us that she has nothing to hide, literally. It was one of the steamiest music videos of the decade and it is going to be difficult to forget the image of this raven haired temptress with a sports car on her back. The hair game was strong in this one too, because her poker straight locks are about as elegant as it gets. If you want to steal this simple but chic style, pick up a clip in hair extension piece and use straightening irons to carefully produce that luscious, long look.

img1 img2 img3

images via thehairstyler.com 

The Hollywood Scene Stealer

For somebody as aesthetically adored as Emily Ratajkowski, it’s quite a surprise to find that she has not switched her hairstyle up much over the last few years. She certainly has a preferred look anyway and it’s not difficult to see why, because with hair as shiny and healthy looking as hers, there’s no real need to do anything complicated. For example, take a look at this wavier version of her debut look, with gentle curls at the ends and a neat centre parting. This is a great red carpet look, because it brings out her cheekbones and frames those dazzling brown eyes.

The Signature Side Sweep

We have returned to the side sweep again and again this year, because the celebrities cannot seem to leave it alone. This is such a popular style that you can pick out almost any name in Hollywood and find a great snap of them sporting a cool side sweep. There are lots of different variations of ‘the sweep,’ but this one is as simple and elegant as the nude lip and smoky eye that Ratajkowski has paired it with. It has a lot of bounce, a lot of volume, and an awful lot of shine!

img4 img5 img6

images via thehairstyler.com 

The Basic Babe Down ‘Do

We can tell that Emily Ratajkowski appreciates the simple things in life, because she always manages to look stunning even with the most basic of hair ‘dos. This straight up and down job is easy to replicate – just carefully attach a hair extension piece and use your hands to finger curl the ends. If you use a lightweight hair gel and gently wrap the strands of hair around the ends of your fingertips, they should form soft and romantic waves, like the ones worn by Ratajkowski here.

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