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Steal her style: Dakota Fanning edition

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Dakota is no stranger to being in the public eye, in fact, she has been performing since she was 5. she was definitely cute when she was little and now she is rocking it on screen and looks fabulous at awards and festivals. If you have a laid back look and/or gorgeous blonde locks like Dakota, this blog is for you. I am going to show you some of my favourite Dakota from Instagram so you can steal her style. #wearcliphair.

Cute Accessories

This style is very simple, and easy style that literally goes with anything. This is a very high-end look but this straight bob can be the start of any outfit. The thing that will set it apart is the accessories. Clips, scrunchies and colourful bobby pins have made a massive come back this year. This is a great solution if you are short of time or you just want to chill and still look great.


Brunette Babe

We do not often see Dakota Fanning with anything other than her light locks but we see a whole other side of her with her deep brunette hair. The best thing about changing your hair colour is that you get to change your wardrobe as well. Different hair colours mean that different lipstick and clothes colours will suit you. If you are going brunette try deeper lip tones and brighter clothes.


90’s Inspired Look

This style is one of my favourite ones because it looks so cool despite being so low key. There are twists, waves and even a tiny amount of crimping in some areas. This is not a look you need to get perfect. Thick locks are key to put in your Cliphair extensions and get experimenting. If you divide the top section in half and create 2 twist braids it will look amazing and perfect for a night out.

Don’t Forget To Be Bold

This is one thing that should be adopted in life as well as in our styling. Be bold! I have used this Dakota picture as a bit of inspiration for this. We can have our go-to gorgeous styles, like loose waves and dress them up to look amazing. This style is very out there but I paired down version works just as well. I do love how glam this look is and would perfect in pictures if you are planning to go to some festivals this summer.


Choose 1 Special Piece

This might seem like I am contradicting myself but you really have to judge this based on your outfit and the vibe you are going for. Lots of glamour and bling is great if you are going out or to a festival but if you are just going out for the day or on holiday (lucky you) something paired down is the best. Do what Dakota has done and choose 1 thing to make your style special. A ribbon is always a winner.


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