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Steal her style: Cameron Diaz edition


We have been in love with her films for years, from The Holiday to Charlie’s Angels. She is the chick flick queen who has been the person we have looked up to for beauty secrets. She is a stunning model so who can blame us for being a little jealous. There are two things that she is known for, her bright blue eyes and long flowing blonde locks. Let’s have a look at her style and see how we can steal it.

Classic waves

Centre parted waves are not something we are unuse to. This lob is something we have seen a lot. It does suit everyone after all. I love the balayage look here and they have done something that I am becoming more and more in love with, root smudging. This makes your roots look so much more natural. If you are planning on dying your hair, try this.

A touch of class

This is something that is a massively hot look. If you have a fringe or have a Cliphair fringe piece and you want to try a different look, this one is always a winner. I love how the flow of this amazing outfit is mirrored by her fringe. To create the sexy bouffant, make sure you have enough hair to create some serious height at your crown.

Playing with layers

We see braids being rocked all over the world. If you have layers and they are crazy (like mine can be) it is great to keep them in line. Not many of us play without layers. That is what I love about Cameron’s style here. She has deliberately loosened the upper layers and created a smaller braid so it has a casual and flowing look. Just make sure you don’t pull out too much, it could get messy.

Something special

This is something that we wouldn’t rock for an everyday look but it is super nice. A 2 tone braid can either look really tacky or look amazing. The trick is to make sure there is a pretty even distribution throughout your braid. Make sure that you have a long braid so that you can wind it forward and back. If you want to give it a little bit special try using golden hairpins and amazing hair decoration. You can make this a very 1920s vibe look or make it more modern. Either way, it will look great.


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