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Steal Her Style – Ariana Grande

It’s been another busy week for pop starlet Ariana Grande. To start with, there were rumours that she might be getting ready to announce a new tour. Plus, she also unveiled two new products from her latest collaboration with MAC. Then, she confirmed what all of us knew already (let’s be honest) and confessed that she can’t remember the last time she did the dishes or took out the trash.

The world might be reacting with shock at the news that a megastar doesn’t do housework, but we’re liking her honesty just lately. With the release of latest single Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande is definitely back on top form and experimenting with a more mature look and sound. This former Disney star is fierce, ferocious, and not afraid to speak her mind. She happens to have hair to die for as well!

Luckily, even her finest hairstyle moments can be stolen if you’ve got the skills. So, we’re going to take a look at some of the best and show you how to do it.

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The Most Perfect of Ponytails

The high pony is the look that we’re most used to seeing this singer wearing. She always enhances it with really long, silky hair extensions. It gives her extra body and it allows her to add some serious swish to her style game. Not only is the look really easy to wear, it actively complements transitional highlights, because you get that dramatic switch between dark (at the top) and light (in the pony). You can steal this look in one of two ways; you can pick up some hair extensions and style them yourself or you can cheat for real and use a clip in pony tail.

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The Good Girl Gone Bad

In the video for hit single Dangerous Woman Ariana Grande gives a super steamy performance. Just like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, she seems keen to put her time as a child star behind her and evolve into a confident, capable diva. It’s a transition that the world is not likely to forget, thanks to that latex bunny mask and barely there outfit. Those quite distinct sombre highlights really complement the look, because they’re flirty and fun, without being unnatural or creating a clash of styles.

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The Storm in a Teacup

We love this ice blonde shade because it’s hugely popular right now. Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, Helen Mirren, and Cara Delevigne have all tried it. It looks a little like X-Men to us, but that’s cool too as everybody loves Storm, right? The trouble with this style is that the shade can be pretty tricky to get right so rather than colouring your hair, why not try platinum hair extensions?

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The Retro Double Bun

Back in the nineties, the double bun was all the rage. All of the coolest grunge and rock chicks on the planet were sporting this style; just ask Gwen Stefani or Bjork. To create the unique ‘space bun’ that Ariana loves, you need to first divide your hair into two neat sections (vertically). When you come to make your buns, don’t pull all of the hair through. Leave some ends loose and curl them around the base of each one. Then, tuck any leftover strands back into the elastic when you’re done. Voila, perfect space buns.

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