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Steal her Style Ariana Grande

After the attacks in her concert in Manchester and the One Love concert she hosted it comes as no surprise that Ariana Grande has been names an honorary Mancunian. The strength she represents is growing by the day. She has said to have a lot of love for our country and the feeling is mutual. Not only have we loved her for helping us find an event to unite at but we also love this girl’s style. She was demur and respectful at one love but we love her normal high glamour style as well. Let’s check out some of her looks to see if we can steal them.


A long mane

Never afraid to play with her style Ariana may be the reason why everyone our age is obsessed with hair extensions. She certainly had hers in at the American Music Awards. Not only did she have the sleekest high ponytail in sight but her hair went all the way down to the thighs. We love the caramel colour match that makes her look like it is gradually getting lighter. If you want to steal this look for yourself start with the small braids, pulling your natural hair into a ponytail and a whole lot of hairspray. Don’t forget to blend your ponytail extensions with a wrap around the hair tie strand. No-one will be able to tell where your hair ends and the extensions start. If you are planning on wearing this on a night out or a festival and want to hit the dance floor, take a spare hair brush. We don’t want a few tangle ruining such a great look.



Add a fringe to be fierce

This fringe makes Ariana Grande look adorable. We are use to seeing her looking like a vixen but her pale pink jacket and lips compliment her honey brown fringe. The key is to secure your fringe is that you can see how you want to trim it. If you have a heart shaped face like Ariana try copying this look and trim your fringe so it brushes your eye line. Don’t forget to make the edges longer so it frames your face perfectly. This is perfect for a day or night look, try it with a half up, half down style for that indie twist or for a night look try matching it with a honey bun. You will look stunning.


Ice ice baby

We know the ombred ice blonde has been seen on red carpets at Netflix series like Pretty Little Liars but Ariana has taken this look to a whole new level in this pic. Personally I don’t think many of us could pull this look off but her pale pink lipstick and perfect contouring seems to make a perfect look for Ariana. If you are going to try it yourself don’t forget to lightly curl your extensions, blend them and wear your pout proudly. Make sure you choose a stunning dress, this look is going to get you some attention.

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