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Steal her style Alicia Vikander

After months of anticipation, we are finally seeing some shot from the new Tomb Raider and our new Lara Croft Alicia Vikander. With her hair in Lara Croft’s action ready braid we have seen the first glimpses of her on set on South Africa. This role is a far cry from her best known roles as Kitty  in Anna Karenina and Gerda in The Danish Girl. Before this Alicia has been seen as the feminine beauty but in this she is much more a force to be reckoned with (as well as of course remaining stunning). Let’s check out one of her best loved looks


Have you ever watched an a lister being interviewed and wondered how they look so naturally gorgeous? We spent ages doing that too before we realised they didn’t, it is actually very carefully put together to make us jealous. We are here to break the myth and show you how to look effortlessly gorgeous too.


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Root control

For that straight effortless style fly aways are a massive no, no so let’s tame them from the start.  This look works best with newly washed and silky smooth hair (cue the hair mask).If you have an alcohol free hairspray or mousse these are ideal as they won’t make your hair hard and horrible or else mix some gel with water (this will get messy) and spray on your roots. Be careful not to go any closer than a couple of inches away as we only want hair control and not the wet look plus we don’t want to make out hair look unnecessarily flat.


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Find the part that suits your

For many people parting their hair slightly to one side adds extra body or complements the ‘best’ side of their face if this is you use a fishtail comb to help measure from the arch of your eyebrow and separate straight back. If you have an oval or long face this is brilliant for you as it makes your face appear wider. If you have a round face however try a centre part and do what Alicia does for body, add your extensions.



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All fingers and heat

Now we have the basic shape of our low key look it is time to turn up the heat and use a hair dryer and our fingers to finish this look off. As we turn up the heat it is imperative that we protect our hair and extensions from damage. A good serum will do this and help give your hair that healthy shine to boot, who needs a professional hair stylist? Make sure you brush your serum through so it is nice and even, no blotchy patches welcome. Now its time to heat things up. Use you hair dryer to dry your trestles and don’t forget to separate your hair with your fingers are you dry from root to tip. This helps your hair dry evenly and by drying your roots first it ensures they don’t go flat.


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