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Steal her style: Alexandra Daddario edition


American Horror tory Star Alexandra Daddario is said to be one of the most successful actresses of this year. She is in Lost Transmissions and Lost Girls and Love Hotels, both due to come out this year and three more projects in post-production. There is no doubt that she is talented, she is also stunning and lucky for us has some lovely hairstyles that we can use for inspiration. If you have thick hair or use your Cliphair extensions to help you get your dream hair them you are going to love these looks. Keep reading to steal her style and post your looks #wearcliphair.

Rocking high bun for her LA high life

If you want to live the high life, you need to have the edgy high fashion look. This is totally achieved by Alexandra as she hit the red carpet at the LA film festival. A ballet bun is sophisticated but can really be achieved by anyone, the trick is to add some interest. A high tight ponytail is a must and make sure that you have lots of hair to work with at the back. Alexandra’s style is sleek but you can create a more casual look by adding some texture to your ponytail. The thing that will add interest is turning your ponytail into a braid of your choice before making your bun.


A vintage vibe

This reminds me a little of a 40’s hairstyle. If you want a perfect partner for your red lipstick, this is it. A side part and some curls are always a winner. The victory roll at the front makes this style a little more interesting and timeless. If your hair isn’t as thick at the front the easiest way to create the look you want is to add a 1 clip Cliphair extension piece to the top of your hair. This will end up being on the inside of your curl but make it look lovely and thick.


The casual loop bun

Alexandra may look a little unhappy hear but with a fashion shoot this hot. It could not further from the truth. This a definitely a mix of 60’s colourful vibe a modern laid back feel. Second-day hair is perfect for this look. If you are in a rush or recovering from a good weekend, this look will be perfect for you. Having the hair deliberately undone is something that so many designers have adopted to show off their looks in recent years.

It is the perfect match for a gorgeous outfit and is perfect for going from casual to glam, day to night. The best part, it can be done anywhere. Loop and scrunch your hair until you get the texture and style that you are after. If you want to make the back section stand out, make sure the base of your hair is flat and sleek. This will be more contrasting and look much more deliberate.


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