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Split ends, what causes them and how to get rid of them

Split ends are the last thing you want to think about before going out. They are ugly and a major sign your hair is not healthy. Split ends do not come in just one shape and size but they are all hideous. So it is time to get to the bottom of this split ends disaster and find out how to stop them.



What are split ends?

Split ends are officially named trichoptilosis (split ends are easier to say). They are pretty much what they say on the tin, splitting or fraying of hair strands. Unlike the name suggests, however, this does not just happen just at the ends of strands. This fraying can occur anywhere along your strand.


What causes split ends?

Split ends can be caused by the environment but the main cause is the way in which we treat our locks. Pollution and improper nutrition can weaken our locks and make them susceptible to split ends but the way we style and treat our hair is most likely to cause the split ends to actually happen.  These are things like brushing your hair whilst wet, over teasing your hair and blow drying your hair too frequently. This does not just affect your own hair, these things can affect your hair extensions even more than they can affect your hair so be kind to your hair extensions and they will last longer.


Types of splits



The Y split– this is the most common hair split you will see. Luckily this is an early stage of strand splitting and can easily be remedied. Nourish your hair, particularly, the ends with hair serum/oil and snip the y off to stop the split going any further up your hair.



The trident split– the trident split looks a little bit like a fork and is more obvious than the Y split. Unfortunately, this does indicate that the hair is slightly more damaged and it will need intense hair treatment to restore it. A hair mask twice a week will help to restore your hair’s condition.


The leaf split– this looks like a dead tree with branches coming off it. As each side of the hair’s fibres become broken and damaged and the cells split you end up this leaf split. This is a major sign that your hair styling products are too harsh for your hair. Will need to get a haircut to promote regrowth of healthy hair and change your hair products to plant-based, chemical free ones ASAP.



The knotted split– us curly haired women struggle with this one. It starts as a curl but manages to wind itself into a tight, annoying knot. This is so frustrating I cannot tell you the number of times I have woken up with this. When you brush your hair, it will tug on this knot and cause your hair to break. Detangling treatments are the only hope of stopping this and look for them before your brush to prevent your hair-splitting.










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