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Singing Game of Thrones?

Have you missed Game of Thrones as much as we have? Well you will love the latest venture the Stark sisters have in store, and it has nothing to do with “the wall” or “taking back the north” instead it is all about bringing music back! These girls have swapped cloaks and swords for a camera and a microphone as they embark on the challenge to entertain us in Apple Music’s Carpool Kareoke. We caught a sneaky little tweet they posted yesterday announcing they were pairing up to sing their hearts out, hopefully they are as successful as the Mother of Dragons! Let’s have a look at their looks in their video so we can get in the kareoke mood.


Sophie Turner’s waves to envy


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 If you are feeling the hippie vibe as the sun comes out and the flowers bloom, this girl has the easy going natural look down! These gorgeous blonde waves scream flower power and the blonde suits her so well! We love this snap shot from the girls’ announcement yesterday because it make Sophie look just like us. Yes, we all love a bit of glitz and glamour of Hollywood but it is also lovely to see that these girls can tone it down and look like your stylish best friend. Sophie is rocking a look that is a far cry from her onscreen ginger braids and 20’s red carpet locks. We could imagine doing this look ourselves as an everyday look, as Sophie does when she is without a stylist.  If your hair is not as long as hers there are some beautiful wavy cool toned blonde extensions out there that will look natural and beautiful to make you look like the ultimate beach babe.


If you are a fan of the heat free option then why not tightly french braid your hair and spritz it with alcohol free hairspray so it sets. This takes a bit longer nut you locks will thank you in the long run.


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Maisie Will turn heads with the urban hip style

Sorry for the unflattering picture Maisie but we wanted to get a picture from your Carpool Kareoke announcement and get an up-to-day look at your recent style. Since the previous season of Game of Throne Maisie Williams has had fun playing with her style. We have seen her with really dark, gothic inspired, locks and a faux fringe, a Gatsby style bob and now she is onto this 90’s style. Out of the two Stark onscreen sisters Maisie has definitely experimented more with her personal style more and it has been so fun watching her journey. This look is so retro, we love it! From the plad shirt worn as a jacket to the choker stye necklace Maisie has the 90’s accessories down. Like Sophie in her down time Maisie has a low key style but with a much more urban twist. She prefers something more edgy like this half-up- half-down space bun look. The best thing is this style can literally take a minute to create and looks awesome.


So now we know these girls look great, we cannot wait to see if their singing is as wonderful!

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