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Simple looks that are perfect for your big day


A wedding is one of the biggest milestones in your life, you want to it be special. This is a day of magic when you can share your love with those that you are close to and begin the next chapter of your life. There is a trick to finding a good hairstyle, you need something that is gorgeous for your photos bit will be practical and let you dance until the evening end. Some styles look great in pictures but look rubbish in real life. Today I want to show you how to create a few styles that fit both these criteria. So keep reading and, as always, #wearcliphair.

The ballet bun

This style has been worn by royalty and celebs for decades and is not going out of fashion. Is sleek and elegant and will stay out of your way when you are dancing. If you want to wear a veil, tiara or hair accessory this style might be your best bet and it is brilliant for showing off your wedding makeup. To create this look, make sure your hair is tangle-free. Smooth your hair and pull it back into a high ponytail. To make your style extra thick, add your Cliphair extension around the hair tie.

Twist your ponytail into a tight rope all the way to the ends. Wind your ponytail around itself tightly. You want this to be compact and low. Once you have the position you want to secure your bun with bobby pins at the base. If you want the bun to look thicker, gently pinch the style until you get the desired volume.

A vintage style

People often go for vintage styles for bridal looks because they are so classic. Curls a voluminous up-dos have not gone out of style. Even Megan Markle’s look had a vintage edge. This look is 50’s inspired and, like the last style, needs tangle-free locks. Choose your most picture friendly side and create a side part before your massage in some dry shampoo. Add heat protection to your ends. Gently tease your roots around your crown area. It is time to add some heat to the situation. With a large barrel create big curls. Once your curls have cooled, add some hairspray. Divide your hair in half horizontally then gently brush out your curls before folding then up to the nape of your neck.secure with hairpins. Divide the top half into sections, push it up to create volume the pin in place, revealing the curls.



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