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Shailene Woodley – Steal Her Style

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It was the moment that everybody was talking about, the moment when Hollywood star Shailene Woodley cried on camera as she got her hair cut for upcoming film The Fault in Our Stars. As four ponytails worth of blonde locks are sheared away, the actress is understandably emotional, but she handles the drastic makeover like a trooper.

It was a moment that made us really adore this 22-year old star, and it helped the world to fall in love with her too. The film went on to be a huge hit, with audiences moved to their own tears by her performance as a cancer stricken teenager in love for the first time. However, it is not the only dazzling thing about Woodley, because her hair always looks flawless as well.

This is a guide to the changing looks and locks of one of the finest actresses in Hollywood, and some tips on how you can steal her style.

The Prom Queen

This star has been acting since she was four years old, so she certainly knows a thing or two about looking great for the cameras. She first began to make waves at around age 15, but this was a difficult time for Woodley, as she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Nevertheless, she rocked down red carpets with a smile, and never looked anything but fabulous. This fresh faced style is perfectly suited to her age, delicate features, and cat like eyes. It is a simple updo, but it is cute and classic.

The Red Carpet Star

Just two years later, and Woodley is barely recognisable. She has mastered the art of beautiful smoky eyes, and now knows how to create the perfect red carpet updo. This look is different to her earlier one, because it has a lot more volume, and harks back to the beehive styles of the sixties. She still leaves those artfully messy strands of hair and fringe to frame her face though, and it means that her eyes become the focus. By adding volume, by keeping the back of the style simple, she allows for experimentation with her makeup and accessories.


you can view first two images here and the third one here

The Bohemian Babe

In 2009, Woodley switched up her hairstyle yet again, and decided to rock a gentle beach babe style. This is a lovely look, and it is less over the top than some of the more ostentatious alternatives (usually defined by big, rolling curls), so it can be worn for almost any occasion. With subtle blonde highlights, Woodley manages to darken her locks, and experiment with colour, without washing out her features. To steal this style, pick up one of our easy to use clip in extension kits. They come in a wide range of shades, from the wildest neon purple to the gentlest bohemian blonde tones.

The Fishtail Braid

At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Woodley sported one of our all-time favourite styles, the fishtail braid. With simple makeup, and that signature messy look, she radiated natural beauty and confidence. In fact, this is the perfect way to wear a fishtail, because it demonstrates perfect balance between attention to detail and relaxation. This can be a complex style, but it always looks better if it has an air of decadence and rebellion – leave those loose strands be, and rock the casual vibe like the Divergent actress.


you can view first two images here and the last one here

The Blonde Princess

Before she had to cut her locks off to play Hazel Lancaster in Fault in Our Stars, Woodley really made the most of her hair. She seemed to switch up her style almost every couple of months, and kept fashion and beauty fans on their toes. This look was a little different for her, because she had always kept her tresses fairly dark, even when sporting blonde tones. Whilst we prefer the actress with darker hair, we cannot deny that this blonde surfer style really suits her skin tone and sharp cheekbones. If you want to steal it for yourself, pick up a clip in dip dyed hair extension piece, so you can replicate that light ends and dark roots combination.

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