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Sexy bed hair look

Bed hair is not always a bad thing, it is actually really pretty if done right. Full of volume and with some amazing texture this style it super hot and the perfect partner for a cocktail dress. Big curls and an easy-going attitude help turn up the heat for this style, it often looks like second-day curls so a mixture between styled a natural. If you are ready to take on this sultry style keep reading this step-by-step tutorial #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: get your prep sorted

This hairstyle could not be easier to prepare for. It doesn’t matter if your hair is newly washed or not, all that matters is that you have lovely thick locks. If you don’t already have them in go ahead and put in your Cliphair extensions and brush them though so they are knot free. Blending is not a big issue for this looks so don’t spend your time on it. If you are worried your roots are a bit oily then add some dry shampoo before you add your extensions. This style does look great with a central part but if you want a bit more volume at your roots, go for a side part instead.


Step number 2: create your basic shape

Before you do anything, add some heat protecting serum to your locks, particularly on the ends of your hair. Take a 2-inch section and, using a mid to large barrel curling wand, and curl towards you. You only need to hold this for 20 seconds as you want the curls to be super loose. Move from the back of your head forward creating this look by repeating the same process. Once all your hair is done you should end up with loosely curled locks that look very natural. Now that you have the basic shape it is time to create the texture and final effect that you want.


Step number 3: create the look

You can either use wax or texture stray to help you do this. If you are using texture spray flip your head forward, spray your hair and work it in with your fingers. If you prefer using wax (or just have it to hand) you will need an amount slightly larger than the size of a pea. Rub this into your palms then scrunch it into your hair from the end of your curls until about ear level. This will start to make your curls less perfect and much more natural.

Take a section of hair at your crown spritz it with some hairspray. Now you need to grab a hairbrush and tease this section at the roots from underneath. Smooth over the top so you have lots of volume at your crown with none of the bird’s nest effect. Once you are happy with how your broken down curls look like add some hairspray to keep the look intact all day and then you are ready to rock this style!

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