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Second day festival hair tutorial


It is the time of year we have all been waiting for. We can let our hair down and feel free. Whether your favourite festival is in the desert, in a park or on a beach there are a few things that all festivals have in common: music, friends, photos and killer style. A big part of preparing for festivals is finding cute outfits and or course amazing hairstyles. Today I want to show you an amazing style that will be perfect for rocking a hot festival look. Whether it is is Coachella or V festival you are going to have an amazing time with this hairstyle. So, follow this step-by-step for gorgeous festival hair and as always #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: preparation

Great news guys, this look is perfect for second-day hair. So if you want to plan your whole weekend’s styles and stay looking fierce this is great for you. To make sure that your roots don’t look greasy and flat spray a decent amount of dry shampoo on them as well as teasing them a little for extra volume. To make your locks look even better you will need to pop your Cliphair extensions in. this will help your hair become thicker and more luscious. Brush them through so they blend nicely. Only do this now if you are using tape in extension if you are using clip in extensions wait until the next section.


Step number 2: create your base

So this is a bobble look but probably not one you have created before. Create a centre parting and pin one half of your hair out of the way. Divide the top half of your side up and secure with a clear hair tie. If you are using Cliphair’s clip in hair extensions clip them in now around your hair tie for that extra thickness. Take a small section from underneath and wrap it around the hair tie, securing it at the back with a hairpin. Now tease the ponytail underneath.


Step number three: time to bobble

Now you have your first hair tie in a move a couple of inches down and add another hair tie. Pinch the section in between so it creates a bobble. You should incorporate all your hair so that side of your head this time so your bobble is nice and thick. Wrap the section around the hair tie like you did before repeating this step a few more times to create more bobbles. You may need to check in the mirror tomorrow behind you to make sure the bobbles are lined up and are roughly the same size.

Repeat steps 1 through 3 on the other side of your head to create more gorgeous bobbles. Make sure you use your original side as a guide, try to make how long your bobbles are and where your hair ends to get that picture perfect look. Add some hairspray and you are done. Enjoy the festival!

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