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Rushing out with wet hair? Not a problem, check out this this tutorial

We have all been there, maybe the alarm didn’t go off or we just lost track of time but our hair is wet and there is just no time to style your hair, right? Wrong. You may not have time to use heated tools but it does not mean that you have to leave the house looking and feeling drab. Today I want to share a simple style with you that is fab to create with damp or wet hair. So, keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair.



Step number 1: preparation

As this is for damp locks, there is not much preparation that you have to do. It is perfect if you have pre-bound Cliphair extensions in. they will be clean and give you amazing depth and length that can be a real advantage when your hair is wet. A lot of the complaints I hear about damp hair is that it makes your hair look flat and lifeless if you have your extensions in it will definitely help you gain more volume at your roots. Brush your hair then gently backcomb your roots so you have event more bulk around your roots.


Step number 2: create your shape

Using a fishtail comb, create a deep side part on your left and comb your hair over to your right side. You are going to create a rope braid that you will want to begin at your braid right next to your part. To create this, separate a 1-inch section of hair to the right of your part. Now, twirl your section all the way to the end of the section and drape it under a section of hair from your hairline. That is approximately the same width. Twist these sections around each other then twist them under the next section of hair at your hairline.


Step number 3: repeat, repeat, repeat

You guessed it, now that we have outlined the key components of creating this braid you need to keep adding sections of hair from your hairline and repeat the steps above ensuring that you twist away from your face. As your twist braid goes behind your ear secure it with a thin, clear elastic hair tie. You are now going to combine this with the rest of your hair.

Here is where you have a couple of options, you can either have a normal ponytail at the back or move the ponytail closer to create a lovely ponytail. If your hair is like mine and goes a little frizzy there are a couple of options to complete this look. You can divide your ponytail in hair and twist the sections around each other to create one long twist braid. This is if you do not like your hair on your shoulder or back, wind the braid around to create a lovely bun and use pins to secure at the back. If you do either of these things make sure you add a touch a hairspray as you will get some awesome waves once your hair is dry.


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