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Romantic styles to get you in the mood for valentines day

Authored By Katie O' Connor

It is almost February and valentine’s day is fast approaching. When love is in the air we all want to look our best for that special person and for ourselves. Soft romantic styles are amazing but as the big day is on a Wednesday it can be hard to fit in a full date prep session straight after work before you head to the big date. Don’t worry we have you covered check out our step by step guide to awesome valentines day hairstyles.





The fishtail top knot

Pop int your hair extensions around the back of your head so that there is lots of body on the lower half of your head. Once your hair extensions are all blend let’s focus on the top and section a rectangular section. Use the arches of your eyebrows as guides and use a fishtail draw straight lines to the centre of your crown and join the lines together before tying the section up with a hair tie. Split your mini ponytail in half and create a fishtail braid. Take a small section from the right and put it inside the left part now take a section from your left side and put it inside your right. Repeat this until you get down to the end of your braid hairspray it and secure. Don’t forget to tug on the braid gently to give it more body. Now your fishtail is looking fab it is time to make it into your bun so gently wind it around your elastic and pin in in place at the back. Now your top big looks fab lets turn our attention to the bottom. We don’t want it to let the look down so get your curlers out and create large beautiful curls. You are ready for your date.




Heatless hairband curl style

This is perfect for going from day to night. Start by creating a side parting and divide your hair in half, pulling it over your shoulders to keep it out of the way. We are going to be using fabric headbands to create this style so put it on your head so it sits right behind your eats. Make sure your hair is flat underneath we don’t want a weird bump. Spritz your hair lightly with water to make it more mailable. Gather your hair on your right side behind your ear and twist it and loop it around the headband. You many need to twist again before you loop again to you get to the end of your hair. Repeat on the left side and spray with hairspray and you are done with your day look. After you finish work and your hair is dry and set. When your hair is dry, and you are ready to transform into your night look, unloop your twists and take off your headband. Once you have you can gently unravel your looks and run your fingers through them to reveal your lovely waves. If you want to make it more glam pin back one side behind your ear and create a deeper parting.

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