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Revamp your half up style and try this awesome style


Half up styles are lovely and classic but they can also seem boring after a while. They are one of my favourite styles because they are functional and still allow you to show off the flow of your hair and add extra height. If you are not just going to the shops and want to make your half-up style a little bit special, this style might be the perfect inspiration for you. This Pinterest inspired look is definitely a winner so keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to create it yourself.



You want your hair to be thick and curly so that it looks romantic and stands out. The way I started this is to add some dry shampoo to my second-day hair. I didn’t try this on newly washed hair as I don’t find that it has the as much natural volume or responds as well when I tease the roots. This brings me on to the next stage, divide your hair into rows around the back and sides of your crown and gently tease the roots. This has a two-fold positive effect 1. it adds extra volume and 2. it helps your clip in extensions stay secure and blend easier. If you are wearing your tape in hair extensions make sure that you tease a little further down the hair so you don’t scratch the tape.





Creating your braid
Before you can create your braid you have to create your part, it won’t go very far back so it should disturb where you have placed your extension but it does have to be a side parting. This will help you have a heavier side and a thinner side. That might be a problem in so many styles but not in this one. You are going to gather the hair right next to your parting, it should be about an inch/ inch and a half wide and divide it into three equal sections. You can either fold the sections over each other like a traditional three-strand braid or fold underneath like a dutch braid. Add strands of hair as you head back then continue all the way to the ends of your hair and secure with a clear elastic hair tie.



Finishing off your look
There are a few ways that you can complete this look. If you want to keep this style as a half up, half down look then create two triangle sections at your temples and cross one side over your braid pin it in place and repeat with the other side. If, however you want to make this style more like a ponytail then you can do so easily by wrapping the braid you just created around the rest of your hair and pin the end of your braid underneath. I find that this works the best if you are trying to create a low ponytail. You are done and ready to show off your fab style.


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