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Red, White and Blue… going Bright and British!

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With upcoming events like the England matches and Wimbledon tennis everyone is going all red white and blue. Why stop at a flag though? Let’s face it your 7 year old flag has been waved to death and is fading fast so be creative and have some fun by turning yourself into the flag. Now I’m not talking about going all Ginger Spice and buying and Union Jack dress (although I love her) I’m talking about your hair. Most of us barely think about our hair as part of our outfits but regard it as a ball of frizz in need of management. So I say “stop right now” (ok no more Spice Girls’ references, I promise) and start thinking of your hair as a plank canvas ready to be moulded to suit your outfit and your mood.


Now if you are brave and don’t mind dying your hair a drastic colour bravo I ,on the other hand, am a bit of a whimp. Even the thought of semi permanent dyes scare me so my only option is Cliphair extensions. I never even thought about extensions a year ago, I have longish hair and can’t change my hair too much without spending a fortune getting more acting photos (my non writing passion). Although I love my brunette locks I feel like I am missing out on the fun my friends with dyed hair are having. So extensions have become my new B.F.F. I love how soft they are, and the fact they feel like my hair (they are human hair so, dah). So I have listed some of my favourite British shades both in dyes and clipins. Which shade is your fav?



This sultry and fiery shade perfect to match a Scorpian hotblooded lady, so check out these flaming shades.


Dye Clipin
 hair-dye-red-colour  red-highlighted-extensions



A white do has become very popular in recent months, do doubt do to Game of Thrones. It is also definitely a throwback to some of the 90’s fun white streaks faze.


Dye Clipin





Whether you are a calm hippy or a raging rocker a blue hue will get you ready for a great time


Dye Clipin
 blue-hair-dye  blue-hair-extensions


Of course British sport is not the only thing to get colourful about this month. We have a whole host of upcoming events including Father’s day, music festivals and Pride. Is there any excuse no to get festive? I am definitely excited to get a little experimental this season.

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