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Pisces inspired updo tutorial


We are now in a brand new star sign: Pisces! Pisces ladies are known to be empathetic and dreamy. Some famous pisces include Rhianna, SavanPisces Brant and Rachel Levin. There are lots of your planning your birthday celebrations and you are so lucky to have a great season to celebrate it in. the style today is not overly fancy but it is sophisticated and will stay out of your way so you can party all night. If you want to check out an amazing style keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair to show off your final look

Step number 1: preparation

This is an updo so luckily there is not too much preparation you have to do. It does, however mean that your roots will be on show so make sure that if you have a second or third day roots make sure you add some dry shampoo. Tape in extensions are the best for this look but if you are putting in Cliphair’s clip in extensions use 1 or 2 clip pieces. As this is an updo place the extensions upside down, this will make it a lot easier to blend. Brush to blend then you are ready to start your look.

Step number 2: create our braids

Make a centre part from your hairline to your crown, take a section of hair on your hairline to the right of your part. Divide it into three equal sections cross the side sections into the middle and start to form a three strand braid. This should travel around your crown rather than straight backwards. As you travel make sure that you add strands from behind your braid. Keep it tight. Travel all the way to the nape of your neck. Secure with a hair tie then repeat on the other side. You will be pinching part of your style so that it stays in tact for longer. Focus on your section at the back of your crown.


Step number 3: two finishing options

There are a couple of ways you can finish this look. If you are short of time twist your ponytail and wrap it around your base. This looks the best if it is neat.if you need some help getting the ideal shape try using mini hair donuts to get ballet bun perfect look, make sure your hair is evenly disturbed around the donut. the other option is to divide your ponytails into small section ans wind them so that the look like curls when pined to your head. You will need a handful of bobby pins to help you with this. You can make some sections longer so that it will reach further along the nape of your neck. This may take more time but it will allow you to be way more creative with the design of your final too. Either way don’t be afraid to use hairspray.


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