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Oscars 2017

This year’s Oscar awards was full of drama and not only on the screen. If you wanted award plots and twists you only had to look on stage to the award anouncers. Whilst they weren’t sure who was awarded best movie at least they brought some much needed spice to the Oscar regularities. Fortunately the show was saved by the grace and beautiful appearance of hollywood’s glitziest and most gorgeous. There were two key styles that were seen on many of the stars heads and wowed the press. Let’s visit the gorgeous old world hollywood charm (no doubt inspired by the amazing La La Land).



Oscars 2017- Emma Stone


Section for perfection

This look was worn by so many A-listers this Oscars that we cannot help but choose it as our go to style this season. To get the perfect front wave we have to part and section our hair to perfection. Start by thoroughly brushing your hair and creating a deep part (if you know photos are in store then part your hair over your most photogenic side).  Now section off the rest of your top crown section, leaving parts on the sides and back loose. The best way to secure this part is to twist in the direction of you curl and pin, it will look like a space bun. Repeat to create these 2 inch section all over the top and sides of your crown.


Oscars 2017- Amy Adams


Bulk up your base

 This look is all about excess, when it was first invented in the 20’s it was to show off how much excess money and style you had. In 2017 we still want to show off our excess in style, there is nothing worse than seeing scalp between your curls so to banish this fashion curse add you clip in pieces at you lower pieces. Then it is time to get styling.


Oscars 2017- Karlie Kloss



Curl like you’re in hollywood

We want the upper section on this do is about volume and bounce, so when working on curling start with the base. As you curl be sure to pin the curls whilst they cool and they will hold a lot longer. As you moved towards the your temples the way in which you curl your hair is super important. We all know to curl your hair in the direction you want it to fall but for this look also curling it the way you want it to fall is key. When we do beach waves twisting your hair isn’t a bad thing (in fact it is encouraged) but for this glamorous style we want to make sure your hair is lying flat as you curl it. As you look at all the Oscar pictures you will notice a beautiful front curl. To achieve this curl your hair towards your face instead of away. Once your curls are pinned in place spritz with alcohol free hairspray. This will give your hair bounce, give it a lovely hold that can still be workable.


Oscars 2017-Michelle Williams



The finishing touches

Unclip your curls and lightly brush through them. Don’t worry if you have set your curls correctly they will reappear. To help them do so in the oscar ‘wave style’ place pins in your hair for a couple of minutes to reform. Now all your need is your red carpet!


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