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Orange is the New Black is back!

Tonight is the night, so cancel your friday night plans or make them into a Netflix movie night with your friends. We know we can’t tell you what is going to happen but lets just say the drama is hitting the fan. The riots at the end of last season left us in tears and at the edge of our seats. If you haven’t watched the previous seasons then you have two decisions either pull an all nighter and catch up on your OITNB watching or deal with constant spoiler alerts for the next week from your friends and all over Facebook. To put us in the mood for some amazing OITNB action let’s have a look at the leading ladies and their styles.


Taylor Schilling:

This girl is definitely not in the cell blocks any many. She has taken to loads of modelling since the Netflix series began and has developed so much more style! She has abandoned her mid length (which were not doing her any favours) for more fashionable tussled bob. There is no way she won’t be the hottest crim on the block with this stunning look, perfect for showing off her cutting cheek bones and sassy attitude.


Laura Prepon

The eye candy of the county jail Laura Prepon has accredited her amazing vegan diet and amazing products she uses to her youthful and stunning looks. We suspect it has a great deal to do with it and we are loving her extra long fashionable locks. If you are into vintage styling Laura should be one of your idols at the moment. This lady’s new love of clip in extensions has taken her vintage styling to a new level. With such lovely dark locks like hers Laura can rock a red lipstick, no problem.


Dascha Polanco

Dayanara Diaz sure became a huge character last season and was literally left holding the loaded gun in the final. She may have turned tough in Orange is the New Black but she is definitely still feminine and fashionable on the red carpet. We are loving this white lace backless dress and stunning drop diamond earrings. Her fishtail braid is the best way to keep your do in shape and in fashion. She looks red carpet ready and insta ready. The subtle grey dye near the end of her hair is the best way to make it 100% her own.


Danielle Brooks

Tastey was heartbreakingly upset after loosing Pussey (as were we all) she may be all natural in the show but she looks so much better in in real life. I don’t know about you but I would not mess with Danielle on the show but with her amazing extensions and highlights she looks every bit the a list tv celebrities she has become. This light yellow jumper and pale pink lips make her seem so soft and naturally beautiful. She has the number one secret to an amazing makeover, highlighter. We totally approve Danielle.

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