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Not great at braids? This is for you!

Not great at braids? This is for you!


If you are like me you will be in love with braids. Some of our hair is easier to braid and some are harder, sorry ladies this is just a fact. That is not something I can change but I can help you cheat. We get taught that cheating is bad but I totally disagree. The best copycat wins. This is a braid that is not really a braid. Confused? Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: Preparation

I love this look particularly with second-day hair with a bit of dry shampoo. It is also great with newly washed hair as long as it is dry. It is much more difficult with wet or knotty hair. You want to make sure you have enough volume in this look however you cannot put your extension in everywhere so one clip extensions are ideal for this look. For wider pieces fold them over and make them roughly the same width. It may feel awkward at first but it really makes your ‘braid’ looks amazing all the way to the end. Unlike a lot of other styles, you do not add your extensions at the beginning but as you are forming your sections for the pull-through so keep reading and I will tell you when to put them in.



Step number 2: Divide and conquer

This style is all about creating sections and separations. Start by dividing your hair above your ears and gather it together like a ponytail. Before you secure it, attach your extension piece upside down underneath your ponytail so that it blends and adds volume. Now secure with a clear hair tie and move it out of the way whilst you repeat the process with the section below, just behind your ears.



Step number 3: Create your ‘braid’

This is not a real braid so we will be using flips to create this style. To do this separate the first ponytail and flip the second one up, in between the separation. Form your third ponytail near the bottom of your ears and add the ends from your first ponytail before adding your Cliphair extensions. Now divide your second ponytail in half and pint the third ponytail out of the way. Create 1 more ponytail at the nape of your neck. Repeat the process this all the way to the ends of your hair, using clear hair ties to help secure the sections. Once you have done you can pinch each section to help it look full and picture-worthy.


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