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New year, new you. How to revamp your locks with local goods

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As the new year is now here it is time to focus on yourself and being your best self. January does not have to mean self-deprivation though, I prefer going seasonal. Local and seasonal food is full of nutrients that not only are good for your body and soul but for your hair as well. So if you want to know your vitamins a-z for January, keep reading. #wearcliphair



They may not be for everyone taste and the juice can be a little messy but beetroot is the ultimate superfood. It is full of vitamins a,c, potassium, iron, calcium and antioxidants you can see why it is super. It also has something called carotenoids. This may sound weird but it is great for your hair health. This is brilliant for the blood circulation in your scalp and therefore stimulates your hair growth. If your head is itchy and you don’t mind a little mess.



I love these in the oven, they create delicious crisps. This is another food that has vitamins A and C which is great for your health. The elements that are great for your hair are omegas. Kale has omega 3 and 6. these are great for reducing a flaky scalp and keep the moisture on your scalp consistent. Combine with a lemon and some olive oil to create a scalp nourishing paste. Leave it in for 20 minutes and you can rinse out.



A little bit on citrus this time of year is so nice. The skies may be grey but a bright spot of yellow is lovely to see on your plate. Add some in your water (hot or cold) to help you shed those Christmas pounds. Lemons are perfect in moderation. It can help you with hair growth and is a brilliant way of naturally lightening your locks.


Sweet potato

You guessed it, sweet potatoes are not only absolutely divine tasting and filling but are great for your skin and hair. Sweet potato has something in it called carotene. This helps your hair to grown and stay strong. So, you can either have a sweet potato curry or you can mix it with coconut oil and create a hair mask.



Pomegranate has been used for years in the kitchen to jazz up recipes and in smoothies and you may even see it in some of your everyday hair products. This is because it has punicic acid. This strengthens the follicles in your hair and also stimulates the blood flow in your scalp. This will leave you will strong and faster-growing hair. It also helps you with any frizz. Simply get some pomegranate oil and work it into your hair with your hands. It will leave your hair smelling great as well.

Although all these foods are great for your natural hair to make sure that you check out the Cliphair website to find the best products to nourish your extensions.


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