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Myth busters: Tape in Edition

Tape in extensions are quickly becoming the most popular version of hair extension out there. Tape ins are brilliant because you don’t have to put them in every day and they aren’t as heavy on your roots as other hair extensions. You can see why all the celebrity stylists and friends opting for tape ins to plump up their lock on a more regular basis. Like anything, new people have come up with some strange myths about the tape in extensions. That is what this blog is all about, I am going to share with you some of those extension rumours and debunk those myths.

tape in extensions-myth-1

Myth #1: tape in extensions don’t last long

What?! This one just doesn’t make any sense to me. Tape in extensions have an amazingly long life.  They last about 12 weeks at any one time but remember they are reusable. The key to having your extensions last the distance is who you get to install them. If you do it yourself or get a friend to do them for you, don’t expect longevity but if you go to an experienced hairdresser then you will get much better results.

tape in extensions-myth-2

Myth #2:Tape in extensions are only for certain types of hair

This is nonsense. It is true they are exceptional for thin hair as that is what they were designed for but that doesn’t mean they cannot be used by people with other hair types. They are lighter at their base so won’t be able to handle extremely thick weft, they are however brilliant to elongate the look of your hair.

tape in extensions-myth-3

Myth#3: Tape in extensions are too hard to look after

Like anything, if you leave maintenance too long, it becomes difficult. That is the way you need to think about your tape in extensions. If you leave your hair extensions (and hair for that matter) unwashed, overheated and not protected for an amount of time, then yes they will look ratty. Some of the things you need to try and look after are:

1. Not getting oils or sprays on the tapes themselves. Try it on cello tape and see what happens

2. Use sulphate free products- mainly shampoo and conditioner. In general be healthy for your hair guys.

3. Wait 72 hours after installation before you wash your hair. This will help the tape stick perfectly.

4. Don’t dye or use keratin on your hair for a week before installation so it is in the best condition ready for your tape in extensions.

tape in extensions-myth-4

Myth #4: do they damage your hair?

This is much more of a question than a myth but it is something that I hear a lot. For some reason, people have got it into their mind that it will result in you essentially waxing your hair from the root. I just got shivers. No, guys no! This is semi-permanent. You are not putting it in for just one day or occasion. This means you will only take it out and replace when the adhesive loses grip so no damage and no pain.

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