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Myth busters #2

We have loads of talk over the internet about how to use extensions, how to look after them and keep them insta ready. There are some people out there that are slightly more dubious about whether or not to give extension a go. This blog is for you. Even if you are a regular extension user you have likely read or heard of some neigh sayer and rumor mongers so we are here to bust their myths and help you make the most of you accessory best friend.


Myth number 1: You cannot use hair extension when doing activities

Wait hold up people actually think you can barely move when wearing extension? Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember guys these are suppose to improve your life and work in with your schedule not you in with its. Sports are part of most of our lives and we love feeling healthy. It is so much fun (and makes us feel a hell of a lot better about ourselves) when we have silky shining hair as we get fit. If you have double wefts try a french braid or two dutch braids. If you have a ponytail extension then wrap it tight it will take a couple of extra seconds but you will get the hair of your dreams.


Myth number 2: You need to keep going back to a salon

This is one of the most common extension myths out there. If you choose to treat yourself in a hair salon, fab. It is by no mean essential just because you use extensions. Taking care of your hair with good products and TLC is important but it is a big fat fib to insinuate that only a hairdresser can do it. When thinking about keeping up your extensions apply the same rules as you would treating your own hair. Alcohol free products, regular hair masks and a good brush. Definitely things you can get yourself.


Myth number 3: Hair extensions stop the growth of your natural hair

I giggled a little when I heard about this, just to reassure you it is a big myth.  This is as ridiculous as saying that doing up your hair makes it fall out. Even if you wear extensions regularly it will not affect the normal growth of your hair, it will grow at the regular pace and places. If you do feel strain on your hair that means you have clipped them in too tight.


Myth number 4: You can not brush extensions

This myth is starting become well known as a fake because of all of the amazing tutorials that are available now online. It is easy to see where this one came from, cheap horsehair extensions. Horse hair is dryer and cannot be treated the same way we treat our normal hair. If your extensions are made from cheap and nasty materials they are likely to get damaged quicker doing the main thing you need to maintain them, brush. It isn’t the brush that is the problem but the cheap extensions.

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