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Myth Buster Common Extension Myths Debunked

As you all know event and styles are my thing but over the years we have heard so many questions. There seem to be so many myths that people have heard like Chinese whispers but like many rumors so many of them are false. From hair health to extension maintenance there have been so many tales being spread from friends to the internet. Don’t get me wrong we can see how if you are trying extensions for the first time you will have questions and we can totally understand if rumors freak you out. Let’s check out the common extension myths and debunk those bad boys.




Myth number 1: Extensions make your hair fall out:

We have all seen horrible stories about hair loss and Naomi Campbell’s receding hairline all blaming and claiming that extensions caused their issues. These kinds of stories can turn a first timer off even trying extensions out, hand of your own hair is not what you sign up for. Guess what? That is a total myth. Hair damage isn’t caused by extensions themselves but it is actually all down to inserting and removing extensions properly. For all you newbies try clip in extensions before any other type of extensions, that way you can get a feel for them. If you clip your extension too close to the root of your own hair it will be too heavy for your head and cause you to have hair damage and a massive headache. Leave a could of mm so you are comfortable.




Myth number 2: All Extension are made from horse hair:

NOPE. For animals lovers everywhere I am one to say woohoo! The best extensions are actually not made from animal hair at all but donated human hair. Keep your eyes out good quality companies like Cliphair who have the best quality human hair they use for their extensions. Why is human hair the way to go? It is so much easier to maintain. Like your own hair it can be styled, dyed and treated simply, not to mention how much smoother and will last loads longer.




Myth number 3: Only use extensions to make your hair longer:

This is such a common misconception about extensions. It is true that extensions are brilliant for lengthening your hair but the myth comes in thinking that extensions can only be used for lengthening. For women with thinner hair extensions are the safest and easiest way to add thickness and volume. Extensions aren’t just about faking the natural it can also be the key to an adventurous spirit. If you have always wanted to try shaking up your colour but you have been too afraid to. Clip-in extensions are a brilliant way to try fun colours without damage or regret. This is great whether you want to try a fun bright colour or even stylish ombre extensions. If you have extensions your natural colour and want to shake them up good quality extension dye really easily.



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