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My new favourite Boho braid look


Ok, ladies you know I am not afraid of a braid. I have naturally wavy hair and braids are brilliant for straight and curly hair girls as well. This is great for a festival, holiday or even just a day out. This is great with some cute clips and sunglasses. It only takes about 5-7 minutes and looks great. It will also stay in place amazingly so if you are looking for inspiration for a say to night look, you have come to the right place. Keep reading this step-by-step guide and show it off by #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: Get your base sorted

This look can work with straight hair but it looks so much better with a bit of texture. Begin by putting in a full set of Cliphair extensions. Add some texture spray to your and scrunch your hair to give it some texture and even some waves. This is a heat freestyle so you don’t need a lot of product there.

Step number 2: pull back your locks

Rake back hair so you are gathering the top half without it being too manicured. It should be just from your hairline to your crown. Secure with bobby pins or a decorative clip. Pull out some face-framing strands and keep this out of the way for now. Take the sections either side of your temples cross these sections over, split the hair underneath in half and add these crossed over areas to these pigtails. These pigtails are going to become the base for a fishtail braid.

Step number 3: create your braids

Take a small section from outside the right pigtail and connect it to the inside of of the left pigtail, now take a small section from outside the left side and connect it to inside the right pigtail. Pull to tighten a little. Continue this for 5-6 rows so your notice the fishtail detailing but it doesn’t go all the way to the ends. Tie the end of the braid and tug the edges of the braid so it is full and symmetrical. I personally don’t like hair ties on the show so you can either add a cut or wrap some hair around the hair tie. You are going to create another fishtail braid like you did before. This will probably go for another 5-6 row before you tie it off again. Double-check if any layers need pinning into place, add some hairspray and you are finished.


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