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My favourite bridal hairstyle of April


We are heading into spring which means that brides all over the world are looking for hair inspiration. I am here to help you ladies. It is your big day and you deserve to look great and feel amazing on your big day. Now you have your hair sorted all you need to figure out well… everything else. 1 small thing, but a very important thing taken care of. Show off your look by #wearcliphair


Step number 1: preparation

This style is about elegance and looking your best. Do not skimp on making your hair the best it can so make sure you use a hair treatment, comb it through and leave it in for at least 10minutes before rinsing it out. Use a defuser to help dry your hair so you will have less frizz and definitely make sure add your heat protecting serum beforehand.

Step number 2: create your base

Once your hair is dry and you have worked in a little dry shampoo into your roots for extra volume, create a shallow centre part and brush your hair into a low ponytail. Once you have secured it with a hair tie, tug your hair gently above your hair tie to give your hair some more volume around your crown. Now that your base is gorgeous and full, add more volume to the rest of your hair by adding your Cliphair extensions around your hair tie.


Step number 3: make your shape

Very gently twist your ponytail then pinch the sections on the top to emphasise the twist and make it look fancier. You will need to add some hair spray now to keep these sections in place. Wind your ponytail in a tight loop at the base of your head. You should have enough hair left to wrap your hair around the loop once to create a gorgeously intricate shape. You can try doing this in a couple of different ways to see how you would like your hair to sit the best.

Make sure you have quite a few hair grips to hand, you are going to need them now. Pin your style into place, you will be standing and dancing so you don’t want to risk the look falling out. If you have not already pulled strands out around your temple and to frame your dace I would recommend this. It is great to soften the look, especially when curled. Add some hairspray to hold, you can add a veil, diamond clip or leave this style as is, you will look like a beautiful bride.


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