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Lovely long ponytail

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I love a good ponytail and actually, they are massively underrated. If you get a ponytail right it can look amazing and can literally go with anything. The thing is, if you do a style well, it doesn’t need to be fancy. Today I want to show you how to how to create a gorgeously long and thick ponytail that is picture perfect and will be the #hairgoals of your friends. Once you are finished don’t forget to #wearcliphair and show off your style.

Step number 1: preparation

I actually love this look on second-day hair. The second-day hair oil can be easily handled with dry shampoo but second-day hair has a texture that really makes this ponytail pop. Once you have brushed your dry shampoo through divide a small section of hair at the crown of your head.


Step number 2: create a mini ponytail:

You guessed it, the section you just divided is going to be a mini ponytail at the crown of your head. If you want to have a tight ponytail don’t do anything but if you want a looser front section or some face-framing strands take them out now. You are going to use your Cliphair extensions to make this ponytail thicker by taking a 3-4 clip weft and clipping it around the very base of your ponytail. You want to do this for 2-3 layers of extensions to really give your mini ponytail somebody. You can do this by adding the rows individually or stacking the extensions beforehand and adding them at the one time.

Step number 3: making your ponytail bigger

Now you have made the top part of hair nice a full it is time to turn your attention to the rest of your hair. Take the rest of your hair and use it to completely cover your top ponytail. This will help you conceal the hair extensions and make your hair look flawlessly full. Make sure it is bump free and secure. If you are still a little worried about the hair tie being visible take a couple of strands and wrap them around your base to finish.

It is easy to secure this with bobby pins underneath. I love having a bit of texture in my full ponytail, there are two ways you can achieve this either spray some texture spray or if you want a bit more, add some wax or moose to the palms of your hands and scrunch it into your hair.


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