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#Longhairdontcare – The Best Hair Pics On Instagram This Week

It’s been another week of amazing triumphs and awfully tough moments. On the one hand, the Paralympics have ended, but Rio 2016 has left a plethora of unforgettable memories behind. It really has been a once in a lifetime event; particularly considering the criticism it received in the twelve months before both games.

On the other hand, there was a series of small attacks in cities across America. As usual, it’s a reminder that not everybody wants to be part of our colourful, magical, diverse world. Fortunately, there were no fatalities this time, but such a near miss will weigh heavily on the minds of our friends across the pond.

It’s not all doom and gloom either. The Paralympics have stoked a huge interest in disabled sports and fans are flocking to pick up tickets for the one of the biggest athletic competitions in the world. It will be held in London, next year, and we wonder if any of our girls of Instagram will be showcasing fabulous haircuts at the Olympic Park.

A Zeal for Teal

This is a beautiful colour for girls with long hair, but it isn’t all that common. Most ladies go for either a significantly lighter or darker shade and miss out on a whole selection of rich, stylish tones. If mermaid green isn’t for you, however, indulge in ice cool teal or aquamarine colours. You can pick up clip in extensions and highlights in almost any shade that you can think of. So, if you want to brave a bold dye job, you won’t have to give up those lovely lengths. And, just think about how much more dramatic a simple chignon will look with a kickass new colour.

My Braid Is Bigger Than Yours

For a surprisingly low maintenance style – and one that you can wear to Sunday lunch with the fam – try this super chunky braided crown. This gorgeous girl has braided really skilfully, because you’ve got to make sure that the placement of your hair is correct when you’re chucking it all into such a fat updo. You don’t want to be left with a flawless braid and no hair on the other side of your head, after all. Clip in hair extensions are an easy way to remedy this, as they give you more hair to play around with. For added pizzazz, swap the French technique for a waterfall braid.

I Dream of Ponytails

Have you ever seen such a perfect pony in all your life? Okay, we admit it; we’ve fallen in love with this diva and we can’t even see her face. She’s got some serious styling skills though. The front is smooth. There’s not a hair out of place. The positioning is top of the line. Think you can do better? Well, get your extensions out and start practicing. The aim should be to get rid of all the lumps and bumps that appear when you draw your hair into a ponytail. The surface must be completely flat and slicker than Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss on a besties lunch date.

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Feeling the ‘Fro

We’ve been talking for a while now about the importance of afro hair. And, suddenly, it’s everywhere. Celebs are going afro crazy. And, it’s wonderful. The bigger, the better we say. You do, however, need to take excellent care of tresses that are as naturally curly as this. It can be tough and time consuming, but the results speak for themselves. Look at this beautiful lady with a head full of twists and corkscrews. She’s vital, achingly cool, and living proof that afro hair is something to be proud of.

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